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Why do many large hotel restaurants choose small beer brewing equipment?

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Nowadays, whether it is a small brewery or a large and medium-sized hotel restaurant, small beer equipment can be selected, which can meet the brewing of yellow beer, dark beer, wheat beer and other kinds of beer, and many equipment manufacturers are also connected with raw material suppliers to provide beer raw materials and beer equipment. we think that 304 stainless steel plates, which are made of food-grade stainless steel plates, can be safer.

Next, I'll tell you why many large and medium-sized hotel restaurants choose small beer equipment?

750 FV-min

1-Brewing original beer.

Buy your own small beer equipment to brew the original beer, which is an important place for investors. Self-brewed beer and industrial beer sold by everyone will be more delicate and authentic in taste.

2-low input.

Product specifications are different and businesses seem to be more liberal and diversified when investing in small beer equipment, and they can invest completely in accordance with their own needs. On the whole, it is not easy to cause too much pressure if the investment is small.

And the beer made by this equipment has mellow taste and malt flavor, and the color and thickness of the beer can be adjusted according to the demand.


3-Service technology update.

Although the pure small beer equipment occupies a relatively small area, it involves many technical problems, so after purchasing the equipment, the general equipment marketing company will undertake the installation and adjustment, and will continue to carry out technical training according to the specific application needs. and provide technical updates and other services, so that the production of goods to meet the requirements of customers for a long time, especially for large and medium-sized hotels and restaurants to meet the needs of peacetime operation.

Of course, many people may think that the small beer equipment we buy will be complicated to use, but this is not the case. The small beer equipment produced by DEGONG is very convenient to use. If you don't know how to use the small beer equipment, DEGONG will have professional brewers who can provide you with training, and you can consult us directly when you encounter difficulties in use.


4-Simple production steps and convenient operation.

Generally reliable small beer equipment is heated by alternating current, the fermentation equipment is a binomial electric heater and the saccharification tank is a three-phase electric heater, and its production steps can be divided into three processes: boiling malt, filtering alcohol and cooling fermentation. on the whole, the production is relatively convenient, the production steps are also very simple, the equipment occupies a small area and is safe and efficient, only 10 to 20 square meters can be needed.

Today, many small beer equipment companies also support retail, thus providing more room for equipment selectors.


The above is the introduction of why more and more large hotel restaurants choose to buy small beer equipment, which is sorted out by DEGONG. If you need to buy small beer equipment or know more beer equipment information, you are welcome to consult DEGONG.

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