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Why Beer Equipment Prices Vary So Much

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Each beer equipment manufacturer has its own fixed product specifications, ranging from small to large, from home brewing equipment to brewery equipment, and can also be customized according to customer needs. Because of the fixed product specifications, batches can be produced, and customized products are from the following It is expected that processing requires more manpower and material resources and cannot be mass-produced, so the price is relatively expensive.

When you go to inspect beer equipment manufacturers, every manufacturer says that their equipment is welded by stainless steel, but stainless steel is divided into different models, including industrial grade, food grade, and medical grade. Compared with the general, the grade has undergone special treatment, and the amount of heavy metals is within the qualified range. If food grade materials are selected, the cost of each set of equipment will be high, and the final sales price will also be high.

The thickness of the steel plate of the beer equipment can determine the cost, but the saccharification tank and the fermentation tank are the tanks that are used frequently during beer brewing. The saccharification tank is often heated, and the fermentation tank will have a certain pressure if the inner wall is too thin. Otherwise, the tank body will not be able to bear it, resulting in deformation. Pay attention to this when investigating.

Valves and accessories are indispensable for every set of beer equipment, and the price and quality of parts will also affect the sales price of the equipment. Just like the compressor on the fermentation tank must be constantly running, the quality of its wine directly determines the fermentation of the beer. This is not only a waste of a can of beer, but also the time and energy spent.


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