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Why are craft beers more expensive?

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Most people's evaluation of craft beer is that it is delicious and expensive. Yes, the price of craft beer is indeed slightly higher than the price of ordinary industrial beer. This is also a problem that many friends who want to engage in the craft beer industry worry about: The price of craft beer is high, can the people around you accept it? Today, DEGONG equipment will help you analyze why the price of craft beer is slightly higher than that of industrial beer and the development of craft beer?

First we start with the raw materials

Industrial beer:

Water, malt, hops, yeast (PS: but more auxiliary materials such as rice, corn and starch are used to replace malt)

Craft beer:

Also brewed with malt, hops, yeast and water, but without any artificial additives. The hop quality requirements of craft beer are very high, and to brew a BBL beer (117 liters), it is basically necessary to put several pounds of hops. If it is IPA or beer with a floral aroma as the main beer, a large amount of hops is not considered cost; there are more than 100 subdivided types of yeast, and they must be fresh. Dozens of varieties; malt, at least 70-80 pounds of malt is needed to brew a BBL (117 liter) beer.


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The second is the fermentation process

Industrial beer:

Mostly bottom fermentation, fermentation temperature is low. The yeast works at the bottom of the fermentation tank and sinks under the liquor, and the fermentation temperature is generally controlled below 10°C. The fermentation tank is larger, and filtration and pasteurization are usually used after fermentation to increase the shelf life (shelf life) of the beer. Time is money, so industrial beer is usually only fermented for about 3 days and matured for 5 days, so the fermentation will not be particularly sufficient, resulting in a lower concentration of wort and a lighter flavor.

Craft beer:

Most of them are top fermentation, the fermentation temperature is generally 10-20 degrees, the fermentation tank is usually small, and no filtration and sterilization treatment is performed after the fermentation. Most traditional craft beers can be fermented for up to 2 months. The lager beer of the craft series is operated under fermentation technology, and should be cooled at low temperature for at least four weeks after fermentation. Yeast expel various flavor compounds during fermentation, but after a long enough cool-down period, yeast will reabsorb these compounds, leaving a fresh, clean beer that tastes fresh and crisp, but still has flavor and character.

And finally style and nutrition

Industrial beer:

In order to have a uniform taste, the brewing process and style of industrial beer are single, and the fermentation time is very short, so the taste is light, the bubbles are many, the wort concentration is low, the alcohol content is not high, the natural nutritional value is also low, and the cost is naturally very high. Low.

Craft beer:

Craft beer usually adds a large variety and quantity of malt, yeast and hops, and can be brewed in different styles. There are nearly 100 styles of craft beer in the world according to the type. These craft beers have a strong aroma, high content of wort, thick and full taste, higher nutritional value, and rising costs.

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