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What's the difference between bottled beer, canned beer and cask beer?

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If you drink beer frequently, you will definitely find that beer has different packaging methods, some are filled with green or brown glass bottles, some are filled with metal cans, and there are keg beer filled with metal vats. The beer consumed in these three ways is not much different in terms of the beer itself, but different packaging methods will have some minor effects on the beer.

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Bottled beer

Many beers are filled in glass bottles, and the bottles are mostly green or brown. Green beer bottles are related to tradition: in the 19th century, there were no special beer bottles, and wine bottles were probably used (due to the limitation of glass manufacturing technology, they were mostly green wine bottles at that time). Later, when there were special beer bottles, the tradition of green bottles was retained. The brown beer bottle is used because it can effectively block light. Light will promote the reaction between the alpha acid in the beer and the sulfide, making the beer taste very bad, and the use of brown beer bottles can prevent this reaction from happening, the beer will taste better, and the beer will be better. Storage resistant. Moreover, glass bottles don't taste like plastic, and they can bear more pressure. This is probably the reason why glass beer bottles are popular.

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Canned beer

Beer in cans is mainly portable, which is very suitable for young people.In history, much of the mass-produced, cheaper beer was bottled in cans, so many people would think of cans as low-end beer.In fact, the cans have a good barrier to light, oxygen and ultraviolet light, which helps to keep the beer fresh.In addition, cans conduct heat better than glass bottles, and cold beer is much faster.Nowadays, more and more Craft Beer is also using cans, so cans are not the same as low-end Beer.However, some people think cans give beer a metallic taste, which is actually a misunderstanding of canned beer.The inside of the can is coated with A polymer film that separates the alcohol from the aluminum and contains A very small amount of BPA, which is harmless.If you pour beer into a glass when you drink it from a can, the metallic taste is basically gone.

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Cask beer

Fresh, fresh draft beers are usually filled in metal vats that have a valve or tap to fill them into the glass. Draft beer is not pasteurization or instantaneous high temperature sterilization, and the use of physical method of sterilization to achieve a certain biological stability of beer.

This type of beer tastes fresher than other beers, but generally does not endure storage and should be consumed as soon as possible. Cask beer is characterized by large capacity, consumers can buy 5L beer on tap, suitable for larger parties. Draft Beer, Drought Beer or Tap Beer are usually served in foreign pubs. Customers can fill their own bottles and pay by the glass. One drawback to cask beer, however, is that it can easily become stale if it is not drunk in time. It is also difficult to maintain the equipment in the bar. If you do not do a good job of hygiene, the liquor will have a strange smell.

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