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What are the components of the brewhouse system in the beer brewing process?

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The beer saccharification system mainly consists of mash tank, gelatinizing pot, filtering tank, boiling tank, whirlpool tank, hops adding equipment and so on.

All the main parts of the saccharification system are made of stainless steel 304 of international standard. Modern automatic plasma, laser wire cutting, pure argon gas welding and other manufacturing technology, the pot/tank internal part of the contact with wheat mash and other materials all mirror polishing treatment, external grinding polishing treatment, to ensure to provide customers with advanced technology, quality, affordable, luxury and beautiful saccharification system



 Mash tank, gelatinizing pot 

1. Adopting high-efficiency Maitreya plate jacket heat exchange technology and applying scientific steam turbulence principle to achieve maximum heat transfer and energy saving effect. At the same time, fully automatic temperature control technology is adopted to ensure the heating speed and heat preservation in each process stage of mashing and gelatinization The accuracy of time.

2. The international advanced suspension speed control system is adopted, and the frequency conversion and automatic mixing method are adopted to ensure the uniform mixing of the mash in the gelatinization and mashing process, which can maximize the use of various enzymes in the gelatinization and mashing process. Good biological activity and conversion and catalytic effects, thereby ensuring the best quality and highest yield of beer at the source.


 Filter tank 

1. Adopting advanced and scientific special-shaped raker  structure system and hydraulic automatic lifting technology to ensure uniform trough turning and smooth trough exit, increase the filtration speed and production efficiency, and maintain the good transparency and juice yield of the wort.

2. The international advanced suspension and mixing device is selected, equipped with frequency conversion, speed regulation, and automatic control technology, which makes the operation more convenient and flexible, simple maintenance and cost saving.


 Boiling tank 

1. Apply advanced in-body boiling and pressurization technology to improve boiling strength, greatly increase the evaporation effect of dimethyl sulfide, promote the polymerization of protein and other condensable substances, and realize rapid separation of boiling wort and polymer.

2. The extracorporeal circulation mixing technology is adopted to accelerate the heating rate of the wort at the initial stage of boiling, so that the wort always maintains a uniform and consistent temperature during the heating process, and prevents the degeneration of regional wort solubles caused by local overheating, thereby ensuring The boiling quality of the wort.


 Whirlpool tank 

1. According to the design of the optimal storage of wheat grains per unit filter area, the tank diameter-to-height ratio is enlarged, the swirling speed is reduced, and the sedimentation and agglomeration of the coagulum are promoted to achieve the best separation.

2. Equipped with a thermal coagulum storage tank, it can increase the yield of wort and reduce environmental pollution.


 Hops adding system 

1. The hop adding system can be composed of two or more tanks, equipped with pumping, pipes, valves and other accessories, and can also realize automatic control of the adding amount.

2. The tanks, valves, pipelines, etc. in the hop adding system can be connected to the CIP system to realize automatic, semi-automatic, cleaning and disinfection.

The saccharification system mentioned above can be customized for you, as well as fermentation tanks,brite  tanks, water treatment, filters, beer kegs, etc.


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