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Water saving measures in beer brewing process

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Beer manufacturing water consists of three aspects: brewing water, cooling water and washing water.  In China, the water consumption per ton of beer is 15 to 40 tons, while abroad, it consumes less than 8 tons. 

According to evaluation, the high water usage of residential beer manufacturing might result from the adhering to 3 factors:

  • The manufacturing devices is fairly backwards, and also the cleaning container, devices as well as pipe embrace basic cleaning techniques, which have bad cleaning result and also big water usage.On top of that, the plan of devices as well as pipes is unreasonable, calling for a big quantity of flushing water or pipe water, which significantly raises the quantity of flushing water.

  • Many manufacturing facilities make use of standard manufacturing procedures, as well as conventional approaches have lots of procedure web links. The devices has the tiniest ability, lengthy distribution time or far away, a great deal of components to be cleansed in procedure, as well as a big quantity of cleansing water each of beer outcome.

  • Not focusing on water conserving or recycling, which is a typical issue in some little breweries.

In order to lower the manufacturing water intake of beer equipment, the complying with 2 facets can be thought about.


Recovery measures are mainly used for cooling water and washing water. For each lots of beer created, cooling down water as well as tidy water make up regarding 80% of the complete water intake. This component of the water is needed in the manufacturing procedure, since each procedure needs a procedure.

Practically everybody requires cleansing or air conditioning. The recyclable section of water is fairly big, consisting of:

  • The developing water is made use of as the front air conditioning water of the slim plate colder, as well as the cooling water electrical outlet is attached to the warm water storage tank. Water can be utilized as feed water for saccharification.

  • In the refrigeration system, a large-capacity swimming pool is developed to gather cooling water for reusing. The cooling water of the ammonia compressor and also the air compressor can likewise be gathered and also flowed similarly, which can substantially decrease the intake of cooling down water.

  • Collect all container cleaning water in the container cleaning device. The BOD and also COD of this component of the water are exceptionally reduced, and also the pH worth is weakly alkaline (pH7 ~ 7.8 >). It can be utilized as water for saturating wheat, in addition to water for cleaning floorings, cleaning open networks and also sewage systems.

  • The cleaning water and also jump cleaning water are totally recouped and also utilized as feed water for the following saccharification.

  • Using CIP cleansing devices, the last tidy water can be reused as the very first tidy water for the following cleansing.

  • Recover the compressed water of the vapor home heating tool. It can be blended with developing water as saccharification water or cleaning water to minimize water usage.



  • The usage of greater flushing water stress as well as much shorter flushing time can decrease the quantity of flushing water. When scrubbing containers and pipes, please minimize the flow of water to avoid wasting water on site.

  • Strictly regulate the overall usage of saccharified water,reasonably arrange the number of washings and the amount of water used for each wash, as well as attempt to stay clear of even more cleaning water going into the steaming pot (because of the restriction of boiling time) or draining pipes right into the pot drainpipe without reusing. The water proportion of the mashing product ought to be ideal, and also the paste need to not be also slim, so as not to boost the dissipation of the pot.

  • It is essential to manage the water running time of each transport pipe and also beer filter to attain the objective of conserving water for faucet water.

  • When releasing slag, coagulation sedimentation, yeast and also various other wastes, devices ought to be made use of to release slag. Do not make use of cleaning approaches to release the slag, and also do not enable the usage of undersea wheat containers. After slagging is finished, you can wash with much less water initially, and after that wash once more to conserve rinse water.

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