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Tips for Making Better Homebrew Beer

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We know that new brewers are always looking for advice on what they can do to improve their beers. So here's Kate's advice from DEGONG to every new brewer.

  • Keep your recipes simple.

Remember, brewing is more like baking than cooking. Simplicity can be the key to great beers. With plenty of ingredients to choose from, it's easy to be a kid in a candy store; however, I recommend picking a few elements and letting them shine.

  • Use fresh ingredients

The quality of anything you consume depends on having the best and freshest ingredients. Make sure the yeast, hops and grains are in top condition. That's why we recommend buying from your local homebrew store so you know what you're getting.

  • Focus on fermentation

Never forget you, brewer, making wort; yeast makes beer. This is why any fermentation defect can be the number one factor in brewing poor quality beer. Throw in enough yeast and make sure to ferment at a consistent and correct temperature. And, always make sure the wort is properly aerated.


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  • Keep oxidation to a minimum.

One of the biggest off-flavors in beer is due to oxidation. Keep your fermentation in an oxygen-free environment. An oxygen-reduced environment can be a challenge for new brewers, but it is critical to ensure that all vessels are purged with carbon dioxide between all transfers.

  • Document everything

You must document everything in the experiment. Writing down each step will keep your mind clear, and if there is any doubt about the technique (good or bad) you've done, you can review it.

  • Change one variable at a time

Just like the documentation, you'll find that you want to change multiple elements in the recipe. Change one thing at a time. It's easy to get confused with 2, 3 or more changes and you'll never see what you've done to improve your beer.

  • Yeast Health

One of the first advanced skills I recommend that all winemakers pursue is knowing how much yeast to use and when to make an appetizer. Any beer with more than 5% ABV requires at least 200 billion yeast cells. The average yeast package purchased for brewing has 100 billion cells.

  • Quickly cool the wort

Cooling the wort doesn't seem like a big deal. Incorrect. Remember, bacterial infections can start at any temperature below 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, you'll get a cleaner beer because the protein will fall off the wort faster.

  • Know your device

Whether you're extracting, partially mashing, or brewing whole grains, know every piece of your equipment. Knowing the system inside and out can help improve efficiency, keep brews safe, and aid in troubleshooting if any issues arise.

  • Disinfection

This one is the most obvious, but you'd be surprised how many times beer has been infected with carelessness. You don't want your surgeon to have only "clean" hands and instruments. You want them to be sterilized.

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