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The origin and development of craft beer

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The origin and development of craft beer

The important town of modern beer, whether it is consumption, manufacturing, or culture, is no longer in these traditional beer countries, such as Britain, Belgium, etc., especially Germany. Many Chinese people mistakenly believe that German beer is the best beer country. In fact, Germany has long been surpassed by many countries in craft beer.

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The current beer culture is the culture of craft beer, and the birthplace of modern craft beer can be said to be the United States. Americans’ pursuit of a better life, and their yearning for freedom and extremes, allowed them to create the world’s most splendid craft beer culture and the most delicious beer in just 20 to 30 years after the lifting of the ban on home brewing. Transformed the United States from a beer desert into a beer paradise, introduced small-scale diversified production and the spirit of innovation to the world, inspired countless people who love life,and made the world a better place by using beer.

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Beer came to the United States from Europe, but to this day, Americans have begun to react to Europe. In recent years, many new European breweries with strong momentum have a deep shadow of American craft beer. Except Europe,many modern craft beer advocates and initiators in many countries are Americans living in foreign countries or natives with North American life experience. The style of these beers is also deeply influenced by American craft beer.

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American beer also had a peak period in history. At the beginning of the 19th century, there were more than 2,700 breweries in the United States, producing a variety of traditional European style beers. All of this ended in the notorious Prohibition Movement in the United States. The small breweries in the United States have almost disappeared. There are only dozens of large breweries left in the country. They produce the same industrial water beer and control all beer production and sales. Most people think beer is like this.

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The opportunity for change is the legalization of home-brewed beer in the United States. Americans who love DIY quickly started brewing their own beer at home. More and more people have learned about the diversity of beer through home brewed beer.And this market is urgently calling for more diverse beers, so more and more small breweries (Micro Brewery) and home-brewed beer houses (Brewpub brewery) bloomed all over the United States. A variety of American beers with American characteristics began to become popular.New styles are constantly being born, and new and old styles continue to merge, and countless American brewers have implemented innovation in every aspect of beer production. Today, there are more than 3,000 breweries in the United States, reaching the highest peak in history, and there are millions of beer enthusiasts across the country!

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In addition to the United States, those developed countries that have already entered the "postmodern", such as Northern Europe, Japan, etc., have also developed their own craft beer culture in the past ten years. They perfectly combine the diverse and innovative spirit of craft beer with local culture, creating their own characteristics not only in technique, but also in culture, and occupy their own place on the stage of world craft beer.

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