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The Effects Of Foam On A Beer Flavor

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The layer of foam formed at the top of your beer makes it taste different due to the presence of surface-active compounds. Besides, a foam carries a massive trigeminal sensation, which means that you can only physically perceive the “taste” effects.

Let’s say the “hot” sensation of chili peppers or that “cool” sensation of mint you feel when taking your drink. How do you perceive the whole experience? Basically, it causes a physical sensitivity rather than an actual thermal load. Isn’t that true? That fluffy and creamy foam can dramatically change the sensation of your beer by moderating the overall taste.

Not forgetting, we have intimately interwoven senses of smell and taste, making us confuse specific beer characteristics. For instance, you might detect a specific character in your nasal passage, but describe it as “taste” and that’s how complicated it can turn out to be.

All in all, what we are trying to say is that foam opens up a wide range of flavors because it comes with more odor compounds that are new to your sense of smell.

Why Embrace A Foamy Beer?

If you’re wondering whether a foamy beer is bad or good, it is high time you start embracing its presence. The beer foam is a great sign that better things are yet to unfold. So, if we were to tell you, don’t avoid that foamy head. Instead, seek it out!

Are you wondering why? We’ll back that up, but first, let’s start with the basics. How do you pour your beer? Let me guess; you pour the beer holding your glass at a diagonal angle and let your drink splash down the side of the drinking cup, right? You’re not alone. For many years many of us have been doing the same thing to prevent a massive foam buildup.

Today, we are here to tell you that foam is actually something you should start appreciating about beers, especially if you go for some quality craft beer. You know what? Those bubbles that form the foam are your enjoyment, as it is where the sweet aroma stored.


With all that said, we can all agree that beer foam is quite essential, and we should aim to make a perfect beer. Most people pour their beer while avoiding foam instead of embracing the delicious drinking experience it offers. But we can’t blame them because they’re probably not aware that a foamy beer is everything.

That creamy thick head unfolds a wide range of flavors, so, we would advise you to learn how to pour beer the right way to get the best results. However, it would be best to keep in mind factors like fatty foods, lipstick and stained glassware because they can quickly kill the foam.

Do you agree with us that foam is actually good and should always embrace it for its fragrant offerings? Please leave me a message or write an email.

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