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The color of the beer determines the alcohol content, really?

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When it comes to beer, usually,we think of it as golden. But in fact, depending on the different raw materials used in brewing, the color of beer is diverse and different. There are both bright beer and black beer. What varies with beer color is not the degree, but its taste. So, today, beer equipment manufacturers will come to talk about what determines the color of beer. What will it be?

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The first element that determines the color of beer is "malt"

"Malt" refers to malted barley and is one of the main raw materials used in winemaking. The color of beer, according to the dryness of the malt, the length of roasting time, and the temperature, and will show a variety of colors.

In particular, the roasting process of roasted barley malt can be said to play a vital role in the color and taste of beer. If it is baked to dark brown, it will emit a fragrant aroma and the color will become very dark. On the contrary, if the degree of roasting is light, it will emit a faint aroma and the beer will be lighter in color.

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The second element that determines the color of beer is "water"

95% of beer is water. Therefore, what kind of water is used when brewing beer will naturally affect the color of the beer. The type of water can be divided into "soft water" and "hard water" according to the amount of calcium and magnesium contained. Soft water refers to water that contains less than 120 mg of calcium and magnesium in one liter of water. If you use soft water when brewing beer, the brewed beer will have a lighter color and a lighter taste.

On the contrary, unlike soft water, hard water refers to water containing more than 120 mg of calcium and magnesium. If hard water is used when brewing beer, the brewed beer will have a darker color and a long-lasting taste.

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Is there a correlation between the degree of beer and its color?

If the color of beer determines the taste and aroma of beer, then what exactly determines the degree of beer? To understand this, we must first understand the brewing process of beer.

In order to brew beer, the germinated barley must first be dried and roasted, then crushed and then added to water. The water and malt are mixed together. In this process, starch will be converted into sugar.

After that, filter it with a filter, then add hops and add yeast for fermentation. After fermentation, it is put into a container and the beer is brewed. The degree of beer is determined during fermentation by adding yeast. To explain chemically, sugar and yeast will react when they meet to produce alcohol. In addition, the taste of beer will also change during the process.


From this point of view, we can think that the color and degree of beer have no special correlation.

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