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The basic structure of lauter tank

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Now the tanks are made by stainless steel and with insulation. To reduce oxygenation, mash should be pumped from bottom. At the bottom of lauter tank install 2-6 adjustable mash inlet valve and pumping process finished within 10 minutes. To avoid oxygenation, the flow speed should lower 1m/s.

At the bottom install multi spray nozzle uniformly, and distribute as 2 sets per square meter. After finished lautering, it can use high pressure water to clean the bottom. The design not only reduce the labor strength, but also reach better clean efficiency.

  • Filter

The filter with tank bottom have 20mm distance. And for each style filter the open hole rate is 10%-30%, open width is 0.5-0.7mm. The newest survey show filter open rate reach 10%-12% is enough. Because the important factor to influence filter speed is spent grain thickness.

  • Wort collect rings

The wort collect rings distribute the lauter tank bottom uniformly, which have one wort outlet every 1M2 false bottom. Normally it use cone wort collect rings for lauter tank. Because the design have small absorb power for spent grain, not make spent grain compact, thus avoid filtering efficiency lower and sparging difficult. The newest wort collect rings is arco, the wort flow out very suave and will not have the sign of pump spent grain. Besides all the pipes connect with central piping, so it can assure the wort no oxygenation during filtering. Also there have air sensor installed on wort collect rings, when the air go into, the pump will closed.

  • Grain rake

The grain rake have important function to speeding filtering efficiency and improve wort quality. In most cases, when first wort finish lautering, the spent grain already compact together. At now, spent grain resistance become high and flow small, it have to reduce resistance with grain rake to speed filtering. During sparging, it can improve the contact between water with spent grain when grain rake loosen the spent grain, and increase new wort flow direction, thus fast filter and better sparging.


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