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Some knowledge of beer

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Why do beer need to be matched with different cups?

In terms of aroma, use a beer glass with a large mouth, the aroma will spread out, and the narrow beer glass will lock the aroma. The rich and unrestrained beer is suitable for beer glasses wiht large mouth. Beer with complex aromas is suitable for narrow-mouthed beer glasses.Moreover,when you drink from a large beer glass, you can put your nose into the glass and enjoy all the flavors of the beer. It's fun.From the perspective of foam, the shape of the beer glass is different, the foam layer presented will also be different.In a tulip type glass, the foam will start to increase in the narrow part of the glass, creating a beautiful shape. If you use a flute glass, you can enjoy the foam rising slowly from the bottom.

In terms of flavor, different shapes of the mouth of the glass will change the stimulation of beer into the mouth, because it will affect the place where the tongue first touches,and the feeling is different depending on where the tongue touches


2. Why does beer have sediment?

Not all beer can have sediment. Sedimentation occurs in the second fermentation or multi-fermented beer, which is a normal phenomenon of yeast death, which does not affect the quality and drinking of beer; And for non-secondary fermentation or multi-fermented beer, this situation may occur under extreme conditions of freezing and repeated temperature changes, but it is rare. The composition of this precipitate is composed of various auxiliary materials such as polyphenols, proteins, anthocyanins, and spices added in beer. It is harmless to the body and does not affect the drinking; There are also some imported beers, such as Belgian beer, which is often added with a variety of spices and pulp, and after a long-term maturation process, it will eventually form lumps or particles suspended in the beer.And it also does not affect drinking.


3. Suitable drinking temperature of beer

If the temperature is too low, the aroma in the beer will not come out. If the temperature is too high,everyone knows what a lukewarm beer tastes like. But different beers have different drinking temperature requirements. Stout beers has a higher temperature requirement than light beer,and dark beers a higher temperature requirement than bright beer.

For lager beer, the better drinking temperature is 7-8 degrees Celsius, which can get the best taste of beer.

For Ale beer, it is generally better to drink at a temperature of about 15 degrees, such as white beer. For strong beer such as two ingredients and three ingredients, a slightly higher temperature also has a good taste.


4.What are the benefits of drinking beer in summer

Maintain heart health

A large number of studies have proved that drinking beer in moderation can effectively reduce the risk of heart disease, which is the number one killer in the United States. Relevant studies have found that, among men with healthy lifestyles, moderate drinkers have a 40%-60% lower risk of heart attack than abstainers. So drinking beer in moderation is good for health.

Reduce the risk of diabetes

Relevant studies have shown that moderate drinking beer for diabetic patients can also reduce the risk of the biggest killer--- coronary heart disease. Research also shows that slight beer drinking can also help protect patients with type 2 diabetes. This may be because drinking beer increases insulin sensitivity or anti-inflammatory effects.

Make bones strong

Studies have shown that beer can play a great role in preventing bone loss and rebuilding male bone mass, but it has not found any benefits for young women and women after menopause. Allegedly, it may be because of the higher silicon content in beer. However, excessive drinking can lead to a greatly increased chance of fracture. So everyone must pay attention when drinking beer. There are women who must not drink alcohol during menstruation, otherwise it will cause great harm to their health.


Diuretic effect

Drinking beer in moderation has a good diuretic effect. In the hot summer, diuresis is very important, only in this way can we prevent heat stroke. Drinking beer has many benefits, and the diuretic effect is one of the most important aspects. Beer contains low levels of alcohol, sodium, and nucleic acid substances, which can increase the blood supply to the brain, expand the coronary arteries, and accelerate the body's metabolic activities.


The popular beer on the market are industrial lagers, which are light in taste and have no characteristics. With people’s pursuit of quality of life, more and more people like craft beer, and craft beer brewhouse can be found everywhere. Now many restaurants, hotels, bars and other places have installed beer brewery equipment to provide customers with various flavors of beer. If you are interested in starting your own beer making business, please feel free to consult.

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