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A Little About The Brewery

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What is the whirlpool process and why should I use it?

Brewers use the whirlpool process to separate hop particles and trub after their boil is complete. To prevent off flavors after fermentation, it's best to leave these particles behind before moving your beer to fermenter.

The goal is to move your wort in a circular direction until you develop what looks like a cyclone. This allows the hops and trub to settle in a cone in the center of your kettle, away from your drain port. And hopefully, those particles stay behind in your boil kettle!

What does Clean In Place (CIP) mean?

Clean-in-place (CIP) is the act of cleaning every interior piece of your brewing system without dissembling each piece.

We encourage brewers to use their pumps to moving water and a cleaning agent through every hose, fitting and port that touched wort, to ensure a bacteria free surface for future brews. These instructions can be found in the process guides for each system.

Why CIP?

Less manual labor! Let your pumps do the heavy lifting and save you the assembly/disassembly

Decrease chance of missing bacteria. If your system is still assembled when cleaning you can follow your brewing process and push sanitizer through the same setup you brewed with, ensuring you don't miss a spot!

How do I clean the carbonation stone?

After use, the carb stone should soak in brewery wash or similar product for at least 24 hours. After a good long soak, rinse with warm water while attaching the stone to a CO2 line to push all residual material and brewery wash out of the stone's porous body. When ready to use again, we recommend one more rinse then soak with sanitizer for a few minutes.


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