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Beer Keg and Spears

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With the development of craft beer, the packaging way are various, such as glass bottles, cans, PET bottles,wine bottles, and beer kegs. Package craft beer in beer kegs is one good way to keep beer fresh, it is very famous. Usually the beer is unfiltered when fill into beer kegs. When there is party, it is a good way to store beer in this way.

About beer kegs, there are EURO,US and DIN three standards. I mean the stainless steel beer keg here. Of course, except stainless steel beer keg, you will find there are also many plastic beer kegs. Plastic beer keg has insulation than stainless steel keg.But stainless steel beer keg is more popular in the international.

There is also one very important item on the beer keg, it is spear. We need to confirm the spear type when buy beer kegs.

The spear is been called beer outlet valve on kegs, it is used for beer outlet, the spear will work with the screw seal on keg’s neck, and the spears also mate with the keg filling line and keg couplers. Through the CO2 insertion into the kegs, you may fill the keg and make beer out easily.

The spear types

  • From the shape of spear, there are A,G,M,H, also S,D, About D type, there are Brazil D, Sankey D, Sankey D is very famous in US.

  • From structure,there are A,G,S,D,U,M,H,Brazil D,US Sankey D.

  • From the thread number, there are three threads, double threads.

  • From the connection type with keg, there are thread type(A,G,S,D,U,M,Brazil D),without thread(they are mainly A,G,sankey D),welded(H)

  • From lock , there are locked or without lock.


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