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Let's talk about the relationship between beer mashing process and enzymes.

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The preparation of wort:the formulation of the mashing process, is mainly to meet the action conditions of maltase and other enzymes.Therefore mashing process conditions including temperature, pH, ratio of feed to water, ratio of raw materials, stirring should be arranged according to actual needs.Today beer brewery equipment suppliers talk about the relationship between beer mashing and enzymes.

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1. Temperature.

Because all kinds of enzymes have their own suitable action temperature, and according to the optimum action temperature of these enzymes, they can be divided into two types: low-temperature enzyme and cold-temperature enzyme. At low temperature, the action of lukewarm enzyme is slow. The effect of enzyme at low temperature is more suitable; at low temperature. The temperature enzyme is more suitable, but the low temperature enzyme has been inactivated, so a certain mashing temperature can not adapt to the action of multiple enzymes at the same time, and the mashing temperature must be as low as possible and close to the optimum temperature of all kinds of enzymes as far as possible. only in this way can good results be achieved.

However, the enzyme system of malt is very complex, and the optimum temperature is different, so it is difficult to meet them one by one, and the components of malt and excipients complement each other when they are acted on by enzymes. in addition, in the actual production process, it is impossible to control the temperature stage so much and so fine, so the temperature control is often divided into two or three stages, and a certain temperature point of each stage may be the optimum temperature of a certain enzyme.

It is also the point of the non-inactivating end of the enzyme near the optimal temperature peak of the enzyme action curve, so that the effects of various enzymes can be taken into account.

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2. The pH value

Determination of PH and temperature are very close to, because the PH also as a kind of enzyme action conditions, various enzymes have their own optimum PH, so, in the different stages of mashing, should adjust the PH of mash, and make it adapt to the needs of different enzyme action, also can only meet some key enzymes of the optimum PH, and the role of other enzymes.

3. The ratio of material to water

The concentration of mash:the ratio of feed to water, should meet the requirement of enzyme action as far as possible.Generally speaking, the high concentration of mash is favorable to the action of enzyme, and the heat resistance of enzyme is improved, and the action time is longer.

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4. Ratio of raw materials

The ratio of raw materials refers to the proportion between the malt itself and the auxiliary materials that can be used. If the malt quality is the most good, there is no problem of matching.

However, if the malt quality is good or bad, it should be matched according to several main indexes of the malt, which must reflect the balance of enzymes, that is, the activity of enzymes and the capacity of enzymes to meet the requirements of mashing, as well as the extent to which the malt itself can meet the requirements of wort composition.

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For example,mashing time, mashing enzyme activity, And Kourbaha index are indicators reflecting enzyme activity and enzyme volume, while leaching rate, A-amino nitrogen, soluble nitrogen and malt chromaticity are the basic components of malt. These parameters must be taken into account when matching malt. The proportion of excipients used depends largely on the quality of malt, mainly on the condition of enzymes and the high activity of maltoenzymes. Auxiliary materials can be used more, conversely, can only be used less.


In short, the process of mashing is mainly to satisfy the action of the enzyme, because the whole process of mashing is actually the action of the enzyme. Mashing that does not meet the requirements of enzymatic action is not only not a good process. More importantly, it doesn't get good wort ingredients and it doesn't produce good beer.

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