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Learn about the centrifuges in craft breweries

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Brewing has always been considered as a complicated process that requires highly skilled staff. Special attention is needed for separation processes because different properties of beer must be separated in order to make refreshing beer.

Centrifuges meet the requirements of breweries, optimizing the entire production process for maximum output with the highest quality.

Application Of Centrifuge In Craft Beer

Applications of centrifuges in craft beer include pre-filtration, control of yeast counts (maintaining a certain turbidity), and recovery of wort from hot coagulum.

Beer centrifuges are an essential tool for any brewery.

Beer centrifuges remove solids like yeast and hops from the draft beer before it is transferred to a maturation vessel for final conditioning.

Centrifugation is an important step in the brewing process because it prevents unwanted particulates from getting into the final product, and it can also be used to remove other unwanted elements like bacteria or wild yeast.


What Does A Centrifuge Do In A Brewery?

The advantages of using centrifuges in breweries can significantly reduce processing times and increase throughput compared to traditional filtration and sedimentation methods. And it can control the total suspended solids (TTS) in the clarified beer, and the beer can be directly bottled. The centrifuge also maintains lower inlet and outlet temperatures, minimising flavour and mouthfeel loss for longer product shelf life.

Through the frequency conversion drive, the service life of the centrifuge is increased, the cost is reduced, and the craft brewer can obtain a return on investment in a short time.

Precautions For Using Beer Centrifuges

Since the centrifuge is a high-speed rotating machine, the drum will generate a huge centrifugal force during operation, so in order to ensure the safety of operators and equipment, the following safety rules should be strictly observed during use:

  • Strictly clean and disinfect before use, pay attention to avoid oxygen operation.

  • After the machine is used, the cleaning work should be done well to keep the machine clean and tidy.

  • Regularly check whether other parts are loose and abnormal.

  • Overspeed operation of the machine is strictly prohibited, so as not to affect the service life of the machine.

  • Before starting the machine, the oil level of the gearbox oil level must be checked, and the oil level should not be lower than the engraved line in the middle of the sight glass.

  • It must be ensured that the materials entering the centrifuge will not damage the metal residues or other hard substances inside the drum.

  • Operation of soft water: total hardness (calculated as CaO) <250mg/L, other indicators meet drinking water standards. At the same time, pay attention to the control of the operating water pressure. Adjustable in the range of 0.3~0.6MPa. The pressure required to adjust to the device should remain stable.

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