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How to distinguish the pros and cons of home-brewed beer equipment

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For those who are new to the craft brewing industry, the equipment of various manufacturers is similar, and they feel that they can buy any equipment, but what they don’t know is the operation and service life of the equipment, which are reflected in this small difference. The beer equipment is only slightly different in appearance, but the thickness of the inner tank, the power of the compressor, the winding method of the pipeline, the material of the steel plate and the pipeline are all invisible. It is these invisible parameters that determine the value of the fermenter. DEGONG Equipment has independently developed beer equipment for more than ten years, and the style and material of the equipment are constantly being updated, making it more reasonable and beautiful.

1. In terms of the thickness of the inner liner, if the inner liner is too thin, under the repeated action of the heat and cold of the wine, the thermal expansion and contraction of the welding seam will easily open and leak. If this kind of problem occurs, on the one hand, it will affect the winemaking. On the other hand, the equipment needs to be returned to the factory for maintenance, which is more troublesome. 

2. The second is the "manhole" design of the fermentation tank. You may ask, what is the use of the "manhole"? When the tank body is welded, there is no "manhole" left, and the welding slag inside cannot be processed. , In the long run, it is easy to leak and open the welding due to the corrosion of the wine, and you can't see or touch the thickness of the inner tank. In addition, leaving a manhole is also convenient to observe the internal wine situation in the later stage.

3. Then there is the thickness of the insulation layer. The thickness of the insulation layer is too thin and the use of inferior materials will affect the insulation effect of the equipment, which will lead to excessive power consumption.


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4. Finally, the different materials of the compressor and the refrigeration pipeline will affect the refrigeration effect. If the equipment uses aluminum pipes, the refrigeration pipes will rust or even leak in half a year.

Choice of various accessories

1. The first is the power of the heating tube of the saccharification tank and the boiling tank. The higher the power, the more time it takes to brew beer.

2. The saccharification tank is also designed with double layers inside and outside. Of course, the thicker the inner liner, the better.

3. Filters, some filter materials are relatively thin, and the long-term pressure of the lees will easily deform the filter and affect the filtering effect, causing the wort to be cloudy or the filtering speed to slow down. The design of the mesh also has a great influence on the filtering speed of the wine. .

4. If the centrifugal pump is improperly selected, the filtration speed will be too slow and the liquor will be mixed unevenly.

5. The power distribution cabinet mainly plays the role of temperature control and timing, which makes the brewing process easier to control. Some equipment does not have a power distribution cabinet, but only one power distribution box (equivalent to a circuit breaker), and the circuit breaker on the power distribution cabinet and the The quality of each electrical component also affects the overall service life of the electrical control cabinet.

The above briefly describes the function of some components, and the choice of quality of each accessory will affect the final brewing effect. The whole set of brewing equipment, each set of accessories and various components do not exist in isolation, and the performance matching of each component is optimal, giving full play to the advantages of the entire system, so as to brew more delicious fresh beer. Investors should do more research and comparison when purchasing beer equipment. You cannot choose equipment based on price alone. The more perfect the equipment is, it will only play a good auxiliary role in the process of operation. Control and the level of the brewer will ultimately affect the taste of the beer.

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