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How to determine the structure of the brewhouse?

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As we all know, the structure of brewhouse is various. It can be two vessels, three vessels, four vessels and five vessels. So, how to choose the suitable structure becomes a big concern for the brewer. It will involve in many affecting factors, such as the capacity of brewery, the limitation of brewhouse building, the mashing method, the budget etc. Here, we supply the following suggestions for your reference.

  • 200-500L brewery

The nano brewery, around 200-500L, is generally used for serve a bar, pub, restaurant,hotel etc. So, the brew building is always limited. In this case, we would recommend mash/lauter whirlpool tun+kettle tun. The whirlpool tun is located under the mash/lauter tun, which can save the floor area efficiently. And, this structure can achieve fly sparge and natural lauter without hot liquor tank and grant. It is really practical.

  • 600-2500L brewery

For 700-2500L brewery, there is independent brew building for install the equipment usually, so the hot liquor tank is suggested to add base on mash/lauter tun and kettle/whirlpool tun. The hot liquor tank can recycle the hot water from the heat exchanger. It can save the energy as much as possible. Considering the capacity is not very big and the customers always brew 1-2 batch per day, it is not necessary to equip a big hot liquor tank. Single batch has worked well.


  • 3000-4000L brewery

As the capacity increases, most of brewers prefer to brew 3-4 batches per day for a 3000-4000L brewery in order to make full of use the equipment. Three vessels with double batches hot liquor tank is more suitable, such as the mash/kettle tun+lauter tun+whirlpool tun(with double batches hot liquor tank).

  • >=5000L brewery

No doubt, four vessels or five vessels brewhouse is generally applied to more than 5000L brewery. 2-3 batches can be going at the same time. At the same, the configuration of every tank is a little different. For example, the motor of rake is fixed on the bottom instead of bottom.

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