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Hazardous Sources During Operation of Beer Equipment

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1.Hot water

Hot water is a magical liquid, which can achieve many functions such as cleaning, sterilization, and mashing of beer brewery equipment. Therefore, we also love it and hate it. During normal use, pay attention to scalding. It is suggested that you can save money anywhere, but it is absolutely impossible to save money in terms of safety. The wort or beer hose must be resistant to high temperature and high pressure!


Sodium hydroxide, commonly known as caustic soda, is a strong caustic alkali, generally in the form of flakes, easily soluble in water and exothermic when dissolved in water, deliquescence, and easy to absorb water vapor in the air. We usually use the aqueous solution of caustic soda to clean the equipment. During the use process, we need to pay attention to:

  • When weighing caustic soda, wear rubber gloves and weigh it in the upper wind;

  • When putting caustic soda into the mashing pot or alkali tank, it must be poured gently to prevent splashing;

  • When cleaning the equipment with caustic soda water, pay attention to avoid it to prevent the caustic soda water from being sprayed on the body.

Remember: if the water temperature rises above 70 degrees, when adding alkali, you must consider safety, and do not throw the alkali tablets directly.

3.Boiler safety valve, blowdown valve

  • The safety valve will jump sometimes. When it jumps, the safety valve will spray water vapor. The temperature is generally around 120℃ , so pay attention to prevent burns.

  • When the equipment is shut down, it is necessary to open the drain valve at the bottom of the boiler to empty the water in the boiler. At this time, it is recommended to wait for the equipment to cool down before operating to avoid burns.


4.Electric heating elements

For electric heated beer brewhouse and and CIP cart usually equipped with electric heating tubes. When using such brewery equipment, you must pay attention to:

The electric heating tube cannot be dried without water (we have protection on this in standard, but still need to pay attention). Therefore, before the electric heating tube is turned on, it must be checked several times to ensure the protection sensor works and ensure the liquid level is higher than electric heating elements.

5.Hot trub

The thermal coagulation is an insoluble condensate formed by adding high molecular nitrogen in the boiling stage of the wort. During the process of using the brewery equipment, after the wort whirlpooling is completed, it is necessary to discharge the hot trub. At this time, the temperature of the trub ≥95℃, so pay attention to avoid burns during the discharge process.

6.Heat exchanger sterilization hot water

Heat exchanger sterilization usually uses hot water at 80°C or above 85°C for 30 minutes, which is often ignored here, so the risk index is very high!

The biggest enemy of a person is actually ourselves. Safety work should not be careless, safety thinking should not be ignored. When using the beer brewery equipment, it is still necessary to raise safety awareness and keep it in mind at all times!

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