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Grain Materials and Other Alternatives

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Almost all the countries adding other material to brewing the beer, expect Germany strictly obey the pure law 1516 and only allow to use four raw material water, malt, hop and yeast, no others material. The accessories material mainly means unspecified cereals, carbonhydrate, syrup etc. The purpose is mainly consider the economic and lower the cost.

The purpose to use accessories material

  • The cereal have plenty of starchy with lower price as accessories material can increase wort yield and make cheap wort in case reach the purpose of lower cost.

  • In the situation of malt quality and price float, it still can keep stable level of wort and beer quality by reasonable adjust the ratio of malt with accessories material.

  • If use carbonhydrate or syrup as accessories, it can improve equipment utilization(save capacity). Also can adjust the ratio of sugar and non-sugar to lower beer color level and improve beer fermentation level.

  • The protein and easy oxidized polyphenols contents obviously lower malt, which is good for lower beer color level and improve the taste, increase the abiotic stability.

  • Use the material which contents high sugar and protein is good for improving beer foam perfomance.

The issues need to notice when use accessories material

  • Benefits lower the cost

  • According to the malt situation and beer style to confirm accessoris species and quality. If maltase activity is not enough, there need to add suitable enzyme; if the nitrogen content which can assimilate is lower, there need to add neutral proteinase.

  • It can not result in filter difficult.

  • It should improve beer quality, rather than peculiar smell or influence beer foam and color.

Accessories species

  • Rice,corn,wheat,barley,millet,soybean,carbohydrate etc.


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