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Do you have any tips for selecting beer?Is it so hard to drink a comfortable beer?

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When it comes to finding good craft beer, it's not easy to practice. Deep down, the myriad varieties, hops, combinations of ingredients, raw wort concentration, bitterness, chroma and other tricky terms are daunting. Is it so hard to drink a comfortable beer?



How to judge the quality of a beer without ever drinking it as below:

 Original wort concentration 

The measurement unit of original wort concentration was °P (Plato), which was used to measure the specific gravity of sugar content in wort during the production of beer and was the first hard indicator to judge beer quality. In general, the higher the original wort concentration, the better

  • Low concentration

The original wort concentration was between 0°- 8°P. After chilling, only a very shallow malt aroma, clearing heat and diuretic, common in the domestic low-end beer market.

  •  Medium concentration

The original wort concentration was between 8°- 12°P. The original wort concentration of 12 °P is the boundary dividing beer flavor roughly, just like the line of Qinling Huai River, the higher the concentration, the thicker the flavor, the lower the water. Ninety-nine percent of industrial water brewers refuse to exceed that limit (the big breweries are welcome to slap). Beer below 10°P can be directly used for heat clearing and heat elimination, such as Budweiser Classic 500ml (9.7°P), Harbin Wheat Sprout King (10°P), Qingdao Classic (10°P), etc.

  •  High concentration

The original wort concentration was between 12°- 20° P. The area is full of fine beer, common German wheat, Burke, Pearson, Billy Abbey, IPA, Stout and many other styles of high-end goods gathered here.



Malt (barley malt, wheat bud, etc.) is the main material for brewing beer, which has the advantages of abundant wheat aroma and full taste. On the downside, it's a little expensive.
We know that the four main ingredients of beer brewing are water, malt, hops and yeast.
Grains, besides corn and rice, rye, oats and highland barley are good accessories. They are gradually added during saccharification, which can give different characteristics and rich layers to the body.



Its main function is preservative, allowing beer to be sold as manufactured goods all over the world.
Depending on the terroir, the flower will produce different aroma changes. German hops are more sedate, British hops are more fresh, and American hops are more fragrant and colorful.


Although the aroma of hops cannot be measured, the bitterness that results from it is easily captured. We often see a Unit called IBU, which is an International Bitterness Unit. Bitter, labeled as EBU in Europe, measures the amount of hop acid dissolved in beer, which is one of the standards reflecting the taste of beer. The higher the number, the thicker the flavor. The malt sweetness and yeast in beer reduce our perception of bitterness.


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