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Cleaning beer equipment with CIP system

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Sterilization is very important for a brewery, it is life of a brewery.CIP Cleaning is absolutely an important item for a brewery. About CIP cleaning, i list a common circle for a microbrewery.

Cleaning steps

  • Washing by water

Use tap water to flush / wash the fermenter by intermittent way for 15 minutes before feeding.

Note please: use small amount water with many times(three times, 5 minutes for each time) to wash it. Only when the residual water in tank is absolutely drained out and then the next washing can be done, maintaining a smooth flow in liquor valve.

  • Washing by caustic

When the residual water is absolutely drained out, then use the caustic of 40-50 ℃, 5% concentration for circle cleaning for 20 minutes ( it should be timely supplemented when the concentration of the concentrated base is decreasing). After circulation, begin to recycle the caustic liquid.

Note protection - one must be more than careful with the instruments, wearing theprotective device, and no direct physical contact with the lye.

  • Washing with water

After the residual lye is absolutely drained out, flush / wash the fermenter with tap water by intermittent way for 15 minutes. (Take same way as the step 1)

  • Washing with Hydrogen peroxide

After the residual water is absolutely drained out, then use the hydrogen peroxide ( 300 -400 PPm )for circle cleaning for 20 minutes. Take same way as the step(2). After the residual Hydrogen peroxide is absolutely drained out, close the relief valve, material in-outlet valve and racking port (beer outlet) valve.

Note please:

During the washing, it is necessary to open the racking port(beer outlet)valve. It is forbidden to washing fermenters by using hot water, hypochlorite, chlorine and other disinfectants containing the Cl-for sterilization.

While for some brewery with limited space, it is inconvenience to move CIP around the tank, it  need to have one portable CIP pump to recycle the CIP liquid back. Besides for fixed CIP unit, it also need to have separate CIP pumps for recycle back.


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