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Categories of beer classified by beer brewing progress

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Categories of beer classified by beer brewing progress

◆ Pure draft beer

Pure draft beer adopts a special brewing process, strictly controls microbial indicators, uses a three-stage filtration including 0.45 micron microporous filtration, and does not undergo heat sterilization to maintain high biological, non-biological, and flavor stability. This beer is very fresh and delicious, with a shelf life of more than half a year.

pure draft beer-min

◆Dry beer

This beer has a high degree of fermentation, low residual sugar, and high carbon dioxide content. Therefore, it has the characteristics of dry taste and strong stimulation. Due to its low sugar content, it is a low-calorie beer.

dry beer-min

◆ The All-malt beer 

It is brewed in accordance with the German pure brewing method. The raw materials are all malt and no auxiliary materials are added . The cost of the beer produced is higher, but the malt aroma is outstanding.

all malt beer-min

◆ Low (non) alcohol beer

Low (non) alcohol beer is a new breed of beer based on consumers' pursuit of health and reduction of alcohol intake.The production method is the same as that of ordinary beer, but finally the alcohol is separated through the dealcoholization method. The alcohol content of non-alcoholic beer should be less than 0.5% (v/v).


◆ Iced beer

Cool the beer to the freezing point to make the beer appear with tiny ice crystals, and then filter out the big ice crystals. Solve the problem of cold beer turbidity and oxidation turbidity. Iced beer is particularly bright in color, with higher alcohol content than ordinary beer, soft, mellow and refreshing, especially suitable for young people to drink.



◆ Fruity beer

The juice extract is added to the fermentation, and the alcohol content is low. This product has both the unique refreshing taste of beer and the sweet taste of fruit, suitable for women and the elderly to drink.

beer with fruit-min


◆ Wheat beer

Wheat beer is a beer produced by adding wheat sprouts. Its production process requirements are high, the beer is clear and transparent, and the storage period is short. The characteristics of this beer are light color, light taste and light bitterness.

◆ Light beer

The color of light beer is between 5-14EBC. Light beer is the most productive type of beer. Light beer is divided into light yellow beer and golden yellow beer. The light yellow beer has a light taste and outstanding hop aroma. The golden yellow beer tastes refreshing and mellow, and the hop aroma is also prominent.

◆ Brown beer

The color of brown beer is reddish brown, and the color is between 14-40EBC. This beer’s malt aroma prominent, mellow taste, light hop taste.

◆ Black beer

Black beer is dark reddish brown or even dark brown in color. The black beer malt has outstanding aroma, rich taste and fine foam. The bitterness varies greatly depending on the product type.



◆ Fresh beer

Fresh beer that has not been pasteurized after packaging. This beer tastes delicious, but it is prone to deterioration, with a shelf life of about 7 days. 

◆ Finished beer

Beer that has been pasteurized. It can be stored for a long time and can be used for sales in other places. The shelf life of premium beer is 120 days.


◆ Top fermented 

Top fermented beer uses top yeast. During the fermentation process, the yeast floats on the fermentation surface with CO2, and the fermentation temperature is 15-20℃. The aroma of beer is outstanding.

◆ Bottom fermented 

Bottom fermented beer uses the bottom yeast. After the fermentation is completed, the yeast aggregates and settles to the bottom of the fermentation tank, and the fermentation temperature is 5-10°C. The aroma of beer is soft. Most countries in the world use the following fermented beer.

beer fermentation tank

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