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Can DEGONG beer equipment brew dark beer?

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Presumably, friends who like to drink craft beer have been exposed to various colors of craft beer, and DEGONG equipment has also received such inquiries: Can small beer equipment make several flavors of wine? Can it make dark beer? Today I will talk to you about whether beer equipment can brew dark beer:

Dark beer, the liquor is generally brown or dark brown, the original wort concentration is 12~20 degrees, and the alcohol content is about 4.5 degrees. . The wine mainly uses caramel malt and black malt as raw materials, and uses less hops. It is made by a long-term concentrated saccharification process. Dark beer is quite rich in nutrients, in addition to a certain amount of low molecular sugar and amino acids, it also contains vitamin C, vitamin H, vitamin G and so on. Its amino acid content is 3 to 4 times higher than other beers, and the heat is very high. The calorific value of every 100 ml of dark beer is about 100 kcal. Therefore, it enjoys the reputation of "black milk". Originated in Germany, it is most famous for Munich beer.


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Stout, a dark lager, usually uses roasted malts, such as caramel and rye, for a darker color. Malt and burnt aromas are prominent. Dark beer has different shades and types. A full-bodied dark top-fermented beer popular in the UK. As the name suggests, dark beer is to put the malt in the sun for sunbathing, and then go into the oven to bake into a black beauty. The next brewing process is the same as other beers. The color of the beer depends on the malt, that is, the black color of the stout comes from the malt. The color and aroma of black malt depends on the degree of roasting and drying.

Today's sharing of DEGONG equipment is here. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any suggestions or doubts, you can leave a message to DEGONG equipment.

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