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Beer Head

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The most familiar wine is beer, and one major feature of beer is foam (Beer Head). Well, what is the the beer foam? Why the same beer with different foam?

Why there are beer head?

Beer is one type lower alcohol fermentation wine which main material are malt, and water, add hops and fermented by yeast material. There are plenty of CO2, so beer is also one type Sparkling wine, one important standard to evaluate beer quality is whether it has lasting foam. The beer head is different from Sparkling wine or champagne, even they also have bubble, but their bubble will be soon broken, while beer head usually keep for several minutes,they will stack on the surface of beer to thicker foam. The beer have foam, apparently due to bubble effect, called "nucleation" .

Beer head (also head) is the frothy foam on top of beer which is produced by bubbles of gas, typically carbon dioxide, rising to the surface. The elements that produce the head are wort protein, yeast and hop residue. The carbon dioxide that forms the bubbles in the head is produced during fermentation. The carbonation can occur before or after bottling the beer. If the beer continues fermenting in the bottle, then it naturally carbonates and the head is formed upon opening and/or pouring the beer. If the beer is pasteurized or filtered then the beer must be force carbonated using pressurized gas.

The density and longevity of the head will be determined by the type of malt and adjunct from which the beer was fermented. Different mash schedules and cereal sources influence head retention. In general, wheat tends to produce larger and longer-lasting heads than barley.


The foam effect on beer favor

First, if the surface of beer have foam, it is certainly very different on flavor, because in the process of accumulation of foam, the active ingredients of beer are brought into the foam layer, the foam has its own flavor of the beer.

Second, the special taste of the foam will have an impact on the beer. In many cases, when the bubble exploded on the palate, we will think about the mint "fresh" or red pepper "spicy." This "fresh" and "spicy" is not the temperature of the bubble itself brought about feelings, but physical perceptionon on the palate foam. The quality of the cream, fluffy foam is able to soften the taste buds perceive the whole, it can greatly alter the flavor of the beer.

Finally, the human senses of taste and smell senses are interoperable. In fact, many people will perceive something of the nasal classified as "flavor" (This is when the aroma of wine tasting with our wine as an important criterion to judge the quality of the wine is similar to the sense of smell affects taste). Foam with more flavor to the surface, to maximize the flavor of beer in front of the nasal cavity, which is more conducive for us to enjoy a beer flavor.

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