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Ale fermentation

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As we known, the beer basic materials are water, beer hops, yeast, and malt. In this one, yeast decides to beer fermentation type, and in meantime decide beer types. The beer fermentation has two types, one is Top-fermented beers, and another is Bottom-fermented beers.

The Top Fermented Beer

It was defined that yeast is always floating on the beer during the beer fermentation process. The top-fermented beer is always and just be traditional beer fermentation process. The top-fermented beer way was popular in use, because of having not high requirements about the temperature. Its fermentation temperature is just 15 to 25 ℃, and its fermentation time is short. These fermentation requirements and advantages at that time are more easy to achieve. But one thing to note is that brewed beer will not add hops in the beer as the beginning, after a long time people find hops, know its using, then they find to add it can be more taste for beer.

The produced beer by the top-fermented beer mostly tends to be dark brown, and strongly tasty. Its represents types contain Ale, traditional bitter beer, stout, porter.

The Ale is a British traditional beer. In the process of brewing malt beer, in addition to the use of top fermentation, the addition of hops is also a feature of its brewing.

The traditional bitter beer is also British style dry ale beer, its bitter comes from hops.

Black beer, it has many varieties, but whatever types it has, they are both use the top-fermented way. They will use roasted malt of 7%-10%% malt concentration, add more hops to brew. The “black” of black beer mostly means black malt or focal malt, “black” comes from the time and temperature of the roast.

The Porter beer is one type of wine, in fact, Its British traditional British porter beer dates back to the 18th century and is known as the Porter Beer. At the time, the brewing of Porter Brewery was called brewing with the Big Three, namely Barley, Beer and TWOPENNY (then Britain) A kind of beer, full of stamina, two pennies a pint), beer according to these three raw materials quickly became a popular drink in the UK. Most of the port wines are dark black, and the alcohol content is 5.0% to 7.0%.


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