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About beer: a few common little knowledge

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Question1: what is the degree of beer?

Many friends mistake 12-degree beer for 12% alcohol. In fact, the degree of beer actually refers to the wort concentration, that is, 12-degree beer is made from 12-degree wort with sugar content of 12 degrees. The alcohol content of beer is mostly between 3.5% and 4%.

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Question 2: how long is the shelf life of beer?

Bottled beer is usually within three months and canned beer within a year.

Question 3: how to taste beer?

1. Depending on the color of the beer

Ordinary light beer should be light yellow or golden yellow, black beer should be reddish brown or light brown. Look at transparency: the beer should be clear and transparent, free of suspended matter or sediment. Look at foam: when beer is injected into a non-greasy glass, the foam should rise rapidly, and the foam height should account for 1/3 of the cup. When the beer temperature is 8-15 ℃, the foam should not disappear within 5 minutes; at the same time, the foam should also be delicate and white. There are still traces of foam after falling on the wall of the glass.

2. Smell the aroma, at the top of the glass, inhale gently through the nose, there should be obvious hop aroma, fresh, no aging smell and raw hop smell: black beer should also have the aroma of burnt malt.

3. Taste beer

taste pure, no yeast or other strange taste: taste refreshing, soft, bitter pleasant and disappear quickly, no obvious astringency, carbon dioxide stimulation, make people feel good.


Question 4: the beer can be used to make cocktails?

Beer can be made into cocktails, not only in a variety of styles, can adapt to a variety of needs, but also has a unique flavor, beyond your imagination.

Although the list of popular cocktails changes over time as drinks become popular and out of date, some of the most popular cocktails of the year have never left the cocktail world, including:

While the list of the most popular cocktails through the ages changes as drinks go in and out of fashion, a few perennial favourites never leave the world of cocktails, including:

Old fashioned: Made with whisky or bourbon, bitters, sugar and a twist of lemon, this classic is the grandfather of all rock glass cocktails.

Margarita: a well-composed Margarita features fresh lime, tequila and salt with just enough triple sec to sweeten it.

Negroni: Another short cocktail like the old fashioned, a traditional Negroni contains gin, Campari and sweet vermouth.

Whisky sour: Sours are a favourite category of drinks, and the most popular is the whisky sour with its simple trinity of whisky, lemon juice and sugar.

Mimosa: This elegant cocktail contains roughly equal parts champagne and orange juice and is a delight for brunch. Other sparkling cocktails play on this theme with different juices or sparkling wines.

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