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A few tips about beer, you know?

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Beer tradition division

1. Divided according to beer color:

(1) Pale Beers is the most produced of all types of beer. According to the depth of color, Pale Beers can be divided into the following three types, "Pale Beers": Most of these beers are very light in color. , Malt with low solubility is used as raw material, and the saccharification cycle is short, so the beer color is light. Its taste is mostly light and refreshing, with strong hop aroma; "golden yellow beer": the malt used in this beer has a slightly higher solubility than light yellow beer, so the color is golden yellow, and the word Gold is usually marked on the product trademark. So that consumers can recognize it. Mellow taste and outstanding hop aroma; "Brown-yellow beer": This type of wine uses malt with high solubility, and the baking temperature is higher, so the malt color is dark and the beer is brown in yellow, which is actually close to strong beer. The taste is thicker and thicker.

(2) Brown Beer, as the name suggests, is a beer with a darker color. Its color and taste are more related to the craftsmanship. Most of the strong color beer comes from abroad. A pure beer that has become popular in China in the past two years It belongs to thick beer, also called craft beer, with high alcohol content, rough taste, rich aroma and full body. It is a favorite of true beer lovers.

(3) Stout Beer. Why is stout beer called "stout beer" mainly because of its unique body color. Stout beer was originally popular in Munich, Germany. The production process is mainly to roast high-quality malt. The roasting temperature of malt is higher than that of ordinary malt, but the heat control is extremely precise, so that it is burnt and not sticky. The stout beer has a very special roasting taste, burnt, coffee-like roasting taste, but the aroma is pure, and high-quality stout beer has a very Elegant baking aroma, good taste, rich and white foam.


2. Divided according to beer sterilization treatment:

Divided into fresh beer and cooked beer. There are currently two sterilization methods: one is traditional high temperature sterilization, also known as "pasteurization"; the other is sterilization by ultraviolet light, called "alpha sterilization". High-temperature sterilization is a conventional beer sterilization method, which uses high-temperature steam to kill the yeast in the beer so that it cannot be preserved and fermented, thereby ensuring the storage period of the beer. The "Alpha Sterilization" method uses ultraviolet light to sterilize, and it can reach a shelf life of several months without high temperature sterilization. The sterilization method of this process can more effectively preserve the rich taste of beer. The taste of beer sterilized by high temperature is not so delicious. When the sterilization temperature reaches 70 degrees or more, the beer will have astringent and aging taste.


3. Classification according to the original wort concentration:

There are low-density beer, medium-density beer and high-density beer.Light beers are usually 6-8 degrees, medium beers 8-10 degrees, and high beers 11-14 degrees.


4. According to the fermentation property:

(1) Top fermentation.A large number of foams accumulate on the surface of the liquid during the fermentation of beer using this yeast.Fermented beer in this way is suitable for high temperature environment of 16-24 °C.

(2) Fermentation at the bottom.The brewer's yeast is fermented at the bottom, also known as low-temperature fermentation. The fermentation temperature is low, the alcohol content is low at 6-14°C, and the taste is slightly acidic.


How to keep beer

1. Store the beer in a cool and low temperature place, which will stabilize the foam in the beer. If poured into a glass, the foam will disappear quickly.

2. Beer is not suitable for concussion, after concussion, can reduce carbon dioxide solubility in beer.

3. Keep the glass filled with beer clean, so as not to affect the tension of the beer surface, reduce the amount of beer foam, and speed up the foam disappearance.

4. Fresh beer to drink, with the bottle, with the glass.Do not pour beer into a glass too early, as this will allow carbon dioxide to escape. Do not pour beer back and forth, as the gas in the beer will quickly dissipate, affecting the taste.Cover the beer bottle with a clean rubber stopper within a few minutes after the beer is opened.

5. Fresh beer has live yeast, in high temperature under the situation, easy to rancid, so beer should be stored below 15℃, the best temperature is about 0℃ ventilation, shade.This keeps the foam in the beer to a minimum.

6. The temperature shall not be lower than -1.5℃, and the beer shall not be stored at low temperature for a long time. If the beer is kept at low temperature for a long time, it will freeze and become cloudy, which will affect the taste and quality of the wine, and also reduce the nutritional value of the beer.

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