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How long can you keep a bottle of beer after you open it?

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Beer is one of our favorite drinks in our daily life. In life, we often face the fact that after opening a bottle of beer, we can't drink it. How long will the beer last after the bottle has been opened? Today, the brewing equipment manufacturer talks about this question.

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First of all, let's see why the beer is hermetic?

1. There is little resistance to wild bacteria. 
Beer yeast cannot completely digest all residual sugars, proteins and other nutrients in the liquor (completely different from distilled spirits). The rest of the nutrients are natural media for wild bacteria (lactic acid bacteria / acetic acid bacteria / micrococci / molds, etc.). 

Such as unique in the world, wild fungus fermentation of beer, only can make Brussels harmonic in the south of the river valley, the university of leuven research shows that a bottle of beer contains nearly 200 kinds of bacteria, also is the valley of the colony is harmless to human body health (note is harmless, not all useful oh), orchid bick fermentation in this unique way to be preserved.So the question is, anywhere else, would you dare expose your beer to wild bacteria?After the lid is opened, even casual contact with air, the remaining culture medium is enough to allow the wild bacteria to become harmful to humans in time.

From the degree of alcohol, the high degree of spirits naturally comes with sterilization properties, on the beer this degree (generally 3-10 degrees), not at all.So liquor can last a long time, beer can't.

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2.Losing the all-important irritate taste 

What is it like to drink beer without the fizz?Without the sensation of beer heating up in the mouth and creating bubbles that irritate the palate, most of the beer's flavor is lost.In fact, almost all beer, when bottled or fermented in a bottle, has a carbon dioxide solubility (volume ratio) of about 1-4, depending on the type of beer.When you open the cap, you lose a significant amount of carbon dioxide. Even if you close it quickly, you'll feel completely different next time you drink it.

3. Losing important hop aroma particular, the hop aroma, for IPA beer is life, the moment of opening the aroma is far more than the later released.

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So how long does beer last after it's been opened?

It's no secret that beer has a shelf life: the average glass bottle has a shelf life of 180 days, and cans have a shelf life of a year, which are stored under appropriate conditions. If you don't finish the beer after opening the bottle, as time goes by, the fresh taste of the beer will gradually lose, gradually lose the taste of the beer.

When the beer is placed for a long time, the color of the beer will become darker, due to a variety of different conditions will occur turbidity and precipitation, and oxidation of the taste.

Although the beer is still drinkable, it has mostly lost its beer flavor. It is recommended to drink it as soon as possible throughout the day and as often as possible.

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If you are interestred in beer brewing and distilled liquor, please feel free to contact me.

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