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Why do nano-type breweries exist?

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Craft and microbrews have been popular for several years, but their sales have grown significantly. Craft beer sales account for a larger share of the market than larger corporate beer companies.

While competition among brands for market share is intense, sales of some domestic beers have declined while local or regional favorites have grown. This trend has also appeared in the past, as many popular national brands have evolved from local trends.

With the pursuit of beer with good taste, high quality and low cost, this has created a huge market and demand for craft beer. While many microbreweries have had great success, they've also had to share their pie with another type of craft brewery: nanobreweries.

Nanobreweries are smaller craft breweries that cater to very localized regions. They brew their beers in very small batches and usually have limited quantities of each. A quality nanobrewery, marketed right, can sell out their beer in a day. While some nanobreweries eventually scale up and become microbreweries, many remain small because it keeps costs much lower.

This model of business is not unique to the craft brewing industry. Nano businesses are popping up in may industries all over the globe.

When starting a small business, or reformatting a strategic plan, it is important to recognize the fierce competition that exists in the marketplace. But, with the right niche for your product and good branding and marketing techniques, each small or 'nano' business has the chance to thrive.

With this in mind, a nanobrewery can be a profitable small business. Craft beer is actively sought after in many countries and cities, and sales have been rising since 2000. While the larger wine, beer and liquor companies saw a slight drop in sales, that made way for more craft brewers to take a bigger share of the market. In addition, it has become easier to import craft beer from other provinces, opening up new sales markets.

When it comes to craft beer, taste is important, but branding and marketing can’t be ignored either. This may not be the direction all nano or micro breweries want to go, but the possibilities for success in this industry are real.


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Building a Nano Brewery

  • STEP 1: Check Your Local Laws – Legal Requirements

  • STEP 2: Calculate Your Cost

  • STEP 3: Improve Brewing Methods/Techniques

  • STEP 4: Make Other People Judge Your Beer

  • STEP 5: Decide How Much To Produce

  • STEP 6: Prepare For Unexpected Brewing Situations

  • STEP 7: Improve Your People Skills

  • STEP 8: Learn How To Run A Brewing Business

  • STEP 9: Develop A Business Plan/Feasibility Study


It’s not too late to turn your dreams into reality, whether you’re a craft brewer, nano brewer, micro, or macro brewer.

Starting a brewing business is tedious and taxing – whether you produce beer in a million barrels or less – knowing the basics and planning ahead of time would help you in the long run.

Don’t be afraid to start small – even nano.

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