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Why craft self-brewing beer is so popular in hotel/restaurant/brewpub

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1.Beer production process

Self-brewed beer refers to the beer brewed by oneself with micro craft brewery equipment. Because it is brewed by hand and it is not a large-scale production of brewed beer, so it is called self-brewed beer.And its production is completely different from the beer produced by some large breweries.

In Germany, the "Beer Purity Law" promulgated clearly stipulates that the raw materials used for brewing beer can only be: Hops,Barley malt,Yeastand Water.


Beer brewing progress

Self brewed beer is a high-end beer, often sold in some high-end star hotels.

With DEGONG beer brewing equipment, we are also responsible for providing you with technical support, and some of the raw materials needed in the brewing process can be provided for you (of course you can also purchase the raw materials yourself).

The fermentation process is mainly low temperature fermentation. The fermentation time is about 10 to 21 days. The fermentation period of some German beer estates is 28 days, so that the beer is slowly fermented at low temperature, the taste is softer, the fragrance is more durable, and the foam is richer.


2. Equipment composition

The self-brewed beer equipment mainly consists of the following systems:

1. Malt crushing system

2. Beer brewhouse with mash/lauter tank+boiling/whirlpool tank

3. Fermentation system

4. Temperature control system

5. Refrigeration system

6. CIP in-situ automatic cleaning system

complete brewing system

The self brewing equipment is made of copper or stainless steel. The equipment adopts electric heating method, which is easy to operate, no noise and pollution. We can also customize beer equipment according to the actual situation of each hotel, making beer equipment a hardware that improves the hotel quality. This kind of on-site beer making bars/hotel have become more common in urban life.

DEGONG Beer brewing equipment in brewpub/restaurant/hotel

DEGONG Beer brewing equipment in brewpub/restaurant/hotel

Hotel supporting fresh beer brewing equipment is an inevitable direction for the development of the catering industry in the future. With the improvement of people’s quality of life, people’s consumer demand will increase to a more nutritious, healthier, more natural, and more enjoyable direction. The self-brewed beer tastes more pure, fresher, more nutritious, and more sanitary, especially without any additives in the production process.It is truly original and all-natural beer, which can be called the finest of beer boutiques.Bottled beer can't compete with self-brewed beer. At the same time, many developed countries in the world beer house can be seen everywhere, also fully reflects the development prospects and vitality of beer house.

pub brewing system

3. Market advantage

Having self-brewed beer is equivalent to building a brewery in the hotel. Not only can produce cold fresh beer in summer and warm beer in winter, but also provide different consumers with healthy fresh beer with different flavors and nutrients, such as yellow beer, dark beer, red beer, spirulina green beer and ladies Various fruity fresh beer, etc. It can not only produce beer on site, but also allow customers to experience the unique charm of high-quality beer production while enjoying this high-level consumption.


A series of beer brewed with craft brewing equipment-barley beer, rye beer, spirulina beer, bitter gourd beer, sweet wine-has become the darling of the beer consumer market.Self-brewing beer is made from Australian malt, Czech hops and German fresh yeast without any auxiliary materials such as rice.Focusing on strengthening the natural health functions of barley, reducing blood lipids, softening blood vessels, improving heart function, preventing cancer, and preventing weight gain after drinking......

DEGONG brewing equipment


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