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Why are the colors of beer varied? Is it true that the darker the color, the higher the nutritional value ?

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Why are the colors of beer varied? Is it true that the darker the color, the higher the nutritional value ?

The color of beer, from light color, light yellow, bronze, brown-red, brown-black to dark black, can form a continuous spectrum. What are the reasons why people brew different colors of beer? So is it as people say, the darker the beer, the more nutritious it is?

Different color of beer


Due to the different water quality in various regions, the water sources in various regions exhibit different hardness and alkalinity due to the different minerals contained. Now we know that the best water source pH for brewing beer is about 5.3. Many years ago, people all over the world were almost "water-blind" and did not know the impact of water quality on brewing. Fortunately, people have found in practice that if partly roasted dark malt is added to wort, even areas with very hard water (such as Ireland, Northern England, etc.) can make good beer. Because the roasted malt color is light brown to charcoal black, a darker beer is formed. Similarly, for water sources with softer water quality in some other places, malt cannot be roasted and needs to be used directly to make good beer.

 roasting malt


Modern science tells us that after the malt is roasted, acidic substances are produced to lower the PH value of the water source. The harder the water, the more roasted malt is needed, and the softer water cannot use any roasted malt. In this way, depending on the degree of malt roasting and the amount used, the beer in each region will show its unique color. This is entirely determined by the local water source. In other words, beer in ancient times was brewed by the hand of God.

 Irish Guinness and Belgian DRVAL


Today, water treatment is a simple technology, so beer in varity color can be brewed anywhere in the world. For example, Guinness beer, which could only be brewed in Ireland, has now established a brewery in Malaysia. The roasted malt can make the beer produce different flavor and taste, as well as interesting colors.

 Water treatment equipment


So is dark beer more nutritious? The difference between dark beer and light beer is the roasting of malt. After the malt is roasted, part of the organic matter is carbonized to form coke and become black. If one day people find that coke is nutritious, dark beer will be more nutritious. But it seems not yet.


The same beer equipment can brew thousands of beers based on different recipes and raw materials. The same recipe and different batches of beer can even taste slightly different,because beer brewing is related to many factors, such as temperature, pH, and saccharification time.Therefore,the brewing process must be controlled strictly to ensure the stability of the beer.


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