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Why are some breweries able to brew more than 8 batches per day?

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Sometimes, we would hear some breweries would brew more than 8 batches per day. It sounds amazing as 1-4 batches is more normal and common. How to make it possible to brew more than 8 batches per day?

  • The brewhouse is 4, 5 vessels or even more. In this case, 2-4 batches can be brewed at the same time, which can save the time very well.

  • The brewmasters work in shifts to guarantee the equipment is running 24 hours a day.

  • The beer recipe is single so the brewing process is also single, and fast .

  • Use some extractive to decrease the procedures of brewing. For example, a few of customers prefer to use wort extractive. In this case, the brewhouse is not needed to get wort. The brewmaster can buy the wort extractive from the market conveniently and put it into fermenter directly. It is very easy to fill all of the fermenters within one day.

In my opinion, 8 or more batches is more suitable for commercial brewery, above 5000L. Based on same time, same labor etc paid, commercial brewery can harvest much more than micro brewery. For example, 10000L commercial brewery and 1000L micro brewery, the brewmasters work 24 hours to brew 8 batches. It means the commercial brewery can get 80000L beer while the 1000L brewery only get 8000L beer every day. So, usually, for micro brewery, it is not very worth brewing many batches per day, 4-5 batches at most. If you plan to get more beer, increase the volume of brewhouse is more profitable compared with adding tank to brew more batches.

In addition, most of microbrewery owners pay more attention to various beer flavors and prefer to try brewing different type beer to meet different customers’ requirements. That is to say, the microbrewery owners must spend more time on studying and trying various beer brewing rather than repeating one same beer always like commercial brewery.

Based on the above factors, we do not suggest to brew many batches per day in your micro brewery. 2-4 batches by two or three vessel brewhouse has been sufficient considering the pay, the profit, the need etc.

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