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Where should I start when I buy beer brewing equipment?

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Where should I start when I buy beer brewing equipment?

Brewing craft beer is an interesting process. With the development of the times, the requirements of beer lovers for beer are gradually increasing. For beginners of beer brewing, it is necessary to have a full understanding of the knowledge of beer brewing, so that You can choose a brewing equipment that suits you. DEGONG Beer Equipment will share with you what aspects should you start with when purchasing beer equipment?

1. Buy the right beer equipment

Now there are so many beer brewing equipment on the market, for a novice brewer, it must be at a loss when it comes to choosing. There are many factors we consider, and the selection should also be based on the brewing process and the local water quality. If the local water quality is not good, there will be some impurities and chlorine, and water treatment equipment can be used to purify the local water. Of course, if you want to save the time and cost of buying equipment, you can buy beer equipment at DEGONG. We will develop a suitable solution according to the requirements you provide.

2. Buy the right size beer equipment

When brewing beer, we have to consider the size of the equipment according to our actual situation. First of all, how much beer equipment can you put in your space, and secondly, do you want to see if your wallet supports your purchase of such a large equipment? The advice is to choose a device with a larger capacity than planned, otherwise the wort will boil over during the cooking process.

3. Material of beer equipment

The materials of beer brewing equipment are commonly made of stainless steel, copper, and aluminum, and most manufacturers now use stainless steel. There are many kinds of stainless steel materials on the market. Generally, 304 stainless steel is selected. If you have enough budget and high requirements on corrosion resistance, you can also choose stainless steel 316 as the raw material. It depends on your actual situation.


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4. Thickness of beer equipment

Some brewery equipment manufacturers will opt for thinner stainless steel, while others may use stainless steel 304/316 for fabrication. If the plate is thin, the pressure on the equipment will be lower. If the welding seam is not handled well, water will leak, and the quality will have a great impact. The raw materials used by DEGONG have passed the test, and there are qualified test reports, so you can buy with confidence.

5. Get expert advice before buying

Now basically there are many home brewers and small breweries in urban areas and towns in every city. Before you buy beer equipment, you can go there to ask for some advice, combine their opinions with your own knowledge, and have a good understanding of the equipment you buy. There is also a certain amount of help.

6. Familiar with the operation method of beer equipment

Beer equipment is a high-power equipment, and if it is not handled properly, it will cause great danger. Professional learning is required when independently brewing beer and operating beer equipment, and emergency first aid measures should be taken when problems occur. Before brewing, a simulated operation is carried out accompanied by a professional operator, and the operation can only be started after being truly qualified.

The above are the matters needing attention when using beer brewing equipment, welcome to communicate with us. If you are interested in brewing knowledge, you can browse our news, we will update more beer brewing knowledge in real time.

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