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What we need to know about craft beer

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Many consumers find mass-produced beer stale, watery, and bland. Brewers of craft beer are more passionate about the process, wanting the flavour enriched and the taste flawless. Large beer-producing companies will invest more of their time in marketing their product, while craft brewers will invest their time in perfecting their beer.

Consumers appreciate the quality of beer and often when asked do not mind spending a little more to have a taste of quality rather than water. While craft beer may be more expensive, it is worth the small price difference to the beer connoisseur. Also, because craft beer has a higher alcohol by volume content, less beer will need to be consumed to have the same effect; therefore, the cost difference is null and void.

What Makes a Craft Beer?

Craft beer must be brewed using traditional ingredients. Traditional ingredients include yeast, water, malt, hops, and grains. If the brewer decided that these ingredients were too expensive and cut costs to produce larger quantities, the beer is no longer considered or can be labelled a craft beer.

Other ingredients may be used to add to the flavour of the beer, but overall the base of the brew must be one of the traditional ingredients.


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Health: Craft Beer vs. Market Beer

Mass-produced beer does not have the same effects on your health as craft beer. Craft beer is actually much healthier for you for various reasons. First of all, craft beer has a higher alcohol content. This means that the average beer drinker will consume less beer when drinking craft beer. With low alcohol by volume (ABV) content, the pale and watery market beers are consumed in large amounts, negatively affecting your health.

Some also argue that craft beer is a source of antioxidants as well as protein and Vitamin B; however, drinking is best in moderation. Market beer also has more additives. Additives have tremendous negative health effects. Craft brewers do not need to add additives to their beer as they are not looking for a means of cutting costs.

Creative Beer

Craft beer offers the consumer a copious amount of options and choices. Brewers are passionate about brewing the beer, not mass production. This translates into amazing new crafts and ideas. There are thousands of kinds of craft beers. Have you ever tried a dry lager or a juicy malt with low hop bitterness? DEGONG can provide you with an endless selection of products.

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