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What to Consider When Designing Brewery Equipment Layout

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Most people who want to set up own brewery usually face a common question: brewery layout. As we know, the process of building a brewery equipment keeps long, and you have to consider different elements, like need of market, cost of purchasing equipment and raw materials, energy consumption, beer quality, etc. And the brewery layout is also important. But, what should be considered, when I design my brewery layout? Please allow me to share several elements with you.

  • Beer output

You know, the more beer output you need, the more beer fermenters you need. The beer output will affect the size of brewhouse and the amount of beer fermenters directly. Generally, if you have a 500L brewhouse, we will recommend that two batches beer fermenters may be suitable for your brewery. You can brew two batches per day to fill one fermenters.

  • Different vessels for brewhouse

There are four basic processes in beer brewing, including mashing, lautering, wort boiling and wort whirlpool. By our brewhouse, you can achieve most beer brewing craft. We could produce 2 vessels, 3 vessels, 4 vessels and 5 vessels brewhouse. Obviously, the more vessels, the larger brewery site. Generally, we recommend that 2 vessels steam jacket heating brewhouse is a cost-effective solution for some microbrewery.


  • Pipe layout

All of the liquid, like wort, hot water, steam, glycol water, cold water and beer will be transported in pipeline. How to reasonably and aesthetically design the pipeline is a very important issue during design your brewery layout.

  • Energy saving

Energy saving is a cost saving measure for brewery. A appropriate layout of the craft brewery can play a key role in saving energy components. Effective energy-saving measures will reduce the long-term cost of brewery. For example, reducing the distance between different brewing steps means reducing the required pumping volume. Less suction means less energy is required to complete brewing, which also helps prevent the possibility of unexpected taste in beer quality.

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