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What is the usual degree of beer and what does the mark on the beer bottle mean?

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Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in the world. It is a low-alcohol wine full of carbon dioxide made from malt, hops and water and fermented by yeast. It is known as "liquid bread" and is a low-alcohol drink.

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 Different colors of beer

The degree of beer is "special", it is not distinguished by alcohol. Generally, yellow beer of 11 to 12 degrees on the market means that the appearance of unfermented raw wort has a sugar content of 11 to 12 degrees, and its finished alcohol content is 3 to 5 degrees. For non-alcoholic beer, it is best called micro-alcohol beer, because it does not contain ethanol, but the content is very small, generally around 1°.

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Beer bottles and cans

Many people mistake 12-degree beer for containing 12% alcohol. In fact, the meaning of beer's degree and degree are two different things, and the degree of beer is its alcohol content. The "degree" indicated on the beer trademark does not refer to the alcohol content of the beer, but the concentration of the wort after saccharification. For example, one kilogram of wort contains 120 grams of sugar, which is 12 degrees. According to the size of the wort concentration, beer is divided into low concentration (6-8 degrees), medium concentration (10-12 degrees) and high concentration (14-20 degrees). There is also a certain relationship between wort concentration and alcohol concentration. Generally, the alcohol of low-concentration beer is 2%, the medium-concentration is 3.1-3.5%, and the high-concentration beer is 4-5%.


The degree of beer is calculated based on the concentration of wort. Generally between 7-15 degrees.

The alcohol of beer is converted from maltose. Common light-colored beer has an alcohol content of 3.3-3.8%; strong-colored beer has an alcohol content of 4-5%. The alcohol concentration in German beer is higher, between 5-9%, and the bitterness is relatively heavy.



Low concentration: 6°-8°, alcohol content is 3.%, we call it refreshing type, it tastes refreshing and sandy.

Medium concentration: 10°-12°, alcohol content is 12%,

High concentration: 14°-20°, alcohol content is 4-5%, self-brewed, or dark beer is more. The color of beer is closely related to the fermentation time and the original wort concentration.

The degree of beer is generally 3-10%.









Brown Ale


India Pale Ale




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Skid mounted brewing system

The picture above shows the copper beer brewing system produced by our DEGONG, which can be installed quickly.

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