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What does the degree of beer refer to?

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What does 8°P in the picture above represent? It is believed that most of us will blurt out "8 degrees alcohol" the first time. Well, congratulations, wrong answer.

It is true that most liquors, such as liquor, wine and spirits, will indicate the alcohol content in the more obvious position of the label, and we can easily apply it to beer. But in fact, this "8°P" does not represent the alcohol content of beer, but the concentration of wort.


1.What is the concentration of beer wort?

The barley malt and auxiliary raw materials for beer making (suc h as rice) are transformed into maltose by the action of malt amylase and protease. The sugar content is measured, which is the wort concentration. For example, each liter of wort contains 80 grams of sugar, which is 8 °.


2.Wort Concentration: Dividing beer category indicators

According to the concentration of wort, beer can be divided into:

High-concentration type: The concentration of wort is between 14° and 20°. This beer has a long production cycle, good stability, and is suitable for storage and long-distance transportation. Medium concentration type: the concentration of wort is between 10° and 12°, and 12° is the most common type. It is the main variety of beer production in our country. Low-concentration type: the concentration of wort is between 6° and 8°. It can be used as a refreshing drink in summer. The disadvantage is poor stability and shorter storage time.


3.The relationship between wort concentration and beer alcohol

Generally speaking, the concentration of wort is directly proportional to the alcohol content of beer. For example, the original wort is lower than 10P, and the alcohol content generally does not exceed 5%, which is a low-alcohol beer. And dark beer is often as high as 15P to 20P, so the alcohol content is often above 5 degrees.



4. Will the concentration of wort affect the quality of beer?

To judge whether a beer customer is senior or not depends on how he perceives the degree of beer. It’s the layman who looks at the alcohol level. The real connoisseur is the one who looks at the concentration of the original wort.


Drinking beer means drinking the wonderful taste of malt aroma and fermentation . The alcohol content with a few degrees of deviation is difficult to detect from the taste. It doesn't make much sense to discuss alcohol content. The most important thing is whether the taste of beer itself is rich, complex, and fragrant. The taste of beer is directly related to the concentration of wort.


Generally speaking, beer with high wort concentration is of better quality than beer with low wort concentration. However, it should be noted that the cost of brewing raw materials is just a small part in the entire beer production process, it also include packaging, marketing and brand promotion. Therefore, beer with low wort concentration is sometimes more expensive on the market.

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