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Types and Features of Beer Brewing Equipment

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Craft beer has gradually become the symbol of high-end beer and is favored by more and more consumers who love to drink beer. The market prospects of craft beer are very broad. There are many configurations and models of craft beer brewing equipment. If you talk to equipment manufacturers, you should hear the phrases "2 vessels" "4 vessels brewhouse" and so on.

Single vessel

It refers to the four steps of mashing, wort filtration, boiling, and whirlpool, all of which proceed in one tank. We usually call it an all-in-one beer machine.


Most 2-vessel brewhouses have one vessel for mashing and lautering, and another vessel for boiling and whirlpooling. There is also mashing, boiling and whirlpooling in one tank, lautering in a separate tank. Two-vessel brewhouse is a popular choice for many bars and restaurants on the market because it takes up less space and is relatively cheap.


Combined 3-vessel

A combined 3-vessel brewhouse is a "compromise" between 2-vessel and 3-vessel. The reason it is called "compromise" is that it is the area occupied by two tanks because one tank is stacked with another tank. But it can play the role of 3-vessel.

There are generally two design combinations:

  • The first is that one tank can be designed for boiling and the other tank will be divided into two layers with mashing and lautering on the upper layer and whirlpool on the lower layer.

  • The second is that one tank can be used for mashing and boiling, and the upper layer of the other tank can be used for lautering, the lower layer can be used for the whirlpool.


There are many choices for a 3-vessel brewhouse. The two common ones are the mash/lauter tun + boil kettle + whirlpool tank, and the mash tun + lauter tun + kettle/whirlpool tank.



Four vessels are the mashing in the mash tun, filtration in the lauter tun, boiling in the brew kettle, and whirlpool in the whirlpool tank, which are carried out step by step.


5 vessels brewhouse can be the four-vessel brewhouse plus a cooker tun. Specially equipped for the gelatinization of cereal. It can also be a four-vessel brewhouse plus a temporary storage tank for special brewing process requirements or to increase the brewing batch.


6 vessels are four-vessel brewhouse plus a cooker tun and a temporary storage tank. 6-vessel brewhouse is rarely seen in brewpubs and is mostly used by commercial craft beer breweries and industrial beer breweries.

Therefore, price is not the only factor to consider when choosing craft beer equipment. You also need to consider your brewing needs, equipment quality, etc. The quality of the equipment directly affects the taste of the finished product.

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