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Things to Remember about Adjuncts

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How do adjuncts help the brewery?

The drastic effects of beer don’t end with just the beer itself. These supplementary ingredients also help the brewery produce cost-effective and excellent beer. These advantages are a great aid, especially for breweries starting in the business.

  • Excellent beer production

Adjuncts are great ingredients for breweries. This results in better beers, not just plain using the essential elements. Depending on the formulation and the adjunct use, beer can have enhanced taste, aroma, flavor, alcohol, and foam retention.

With this, breweries will be able to sell top-notch beers. Hence, it will cause high sales and profits. Breweries can also establish their reputation. Let’s be honest here; people love excellent beers!

  • Cost-effective

Breweries use adjuncts for many reasons. But, one of the essential motives is to cut the costs of basic ingredients.

Unmalted grains like barley and oat are cheaper than malted grains. This is because they have yet to undergo malting and other procedures. So, breweries tend to use unmalted grains as adjuncts to cut their expenses.

Usually, they will mix a proportionate amount of the malted grains. This way, the beer will still have a quality taste. Breweries only need to calculate the right amount of adjuncts to achieve the desired quality.


Things to remember about adjuncts

Individuals who need to be more knowledgeable about adjuncts misunderstand these ingredients. Here are three things you should remember about adjuncts.

  • Adjuncts are not junk

Adjuncts are not junk and are not added to the beer just because they are available. People sometimes think that adjuncts are just used to manipulate the ingredient. But let us tell you that this claim is not valid.

Breweries carefully pick the best adjuncts to supplement the malt. They also invest money and effort in these ingredients. Adjuncts are not leftovers from other beer production.

  • Adjuncts are not alternative to the essential ingredients of beer

Another misconception about adjuncts is that they are a replacement for the essential ingredients of beer. This is a huge mistake.

Adjuncts, again, are additional ingredients. They are mixed with the original malt but don’t fully replace the grains or hops. These are just for improvement and costing purposes.

Remember, a beer that does not have the four essential ingredients is not a beer at all!

  • Adjuncts don’t downgrade the quality of beer

The last mistake we need to correct about adjuncts is that it lowers the quality of the beer. Sometimes, people are afraid to buy beer because of this misconception.

Here is the thing: adjuncts enhance the beer quality as they should. If an adjunct downgraded the quality, the brewery might need more research about its beer recipe.

If you plan to brew beer, feel free to add some adjuncts. Do some trial-and-error recipes to avoid bad-quality beer.

Final words

Everyone has different tastes in beer. Hence, breweries try their best to experiment with different flavors. But, to do this, they need the help of adjuncts! We hope this guide helped you understand what are adjuncts in beer making.

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