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The trouble in beer brewing is not the problem of beer equipment

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There are always all kinds of problems in the process of brewing beer. Especially for those who have just started to make craft beer, when they encounter these problems, the first thing that comes to mind is what is wrong with the beer equipment, but they do not consider whether they have made some misoperation.

Today, we will tell you some problems caused by misoperation in the process of brewing beer, and how to solve them.


The centrifugal pump only makes a sound, but it does not circulate


1. The pipe may be blocked by precipitated malt or other foreign bodies.

2. The missing item of the motor may be caused by loose motor wires or broken switches.


1. First check whether each wire head of the motor and the motor switch wire head are loose, if it is loose and fixed.

2. Remove the bottom main pipe to see if there is a malt blockage, and then comprehensively check the external pipe and clean the pipe.

3. When the malt mash is stirred, the whirlpool can not be produced in the pot.


Paste pot when saccharifying malt


The main results are as follows: 1. The running speed of the motor is too slow, which will cause the malt mash to rotate slowly during heating.

2. If there is a whirlpool in the pot, there will be air entering the centrifugal pump, resulting in a slower speed of the centrifugal pump.

3. The malt is crushed too fine.


1. Put a stirring rod in the saccharification pot in order to prevent the whirlpool in the saccharification pot.

2. Check whether the motor is normal or replace the centrifugal pump.

3. Malt should not be crushed too finely. Pay attention to the crushing degree of malt when brewing beer next time.


After the completion of beer fermentation, there is too much foam when the beer is put in


Because of the pressure difference between inside and outside the fermentation tank and the oversaturation of carbon dioxide dissolved in the beer.


The pressure in the fermentation tank can be released and put to 0.09Mpa. When deflating, it should be deflated slowly. Too fast will cause the beer to spurt out.


The brewed beer tastes sour


1. Smashing bacteria and contamination, using too much dark malt and soaking for too long.

2.Use raw materials with sour taste.

3. The saccharification time is too long, and the temperature drops below 50 degrees Celsius.


1. Beware of disinfecting utensils that may come into contact with boiled wort.

2.Add dark malt later, or adjust the water quality (not suitable for beginners).


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