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The principle of using hydrogen peroxide for disinfection in craft beer equipment?

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The principle of using hydrogen peroxide for disinfection in craft beer equipment?

Beer equipment is made through certain techniques and principles. Today I will tell you about how the craft beer equipment is sterilized by hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic and transparent liquid that has undergone synergistic and stable treatment.Due to the collaborating result of hydrogen peroxide and also synergist, the capability as well as rate of sanitation as well as infection murder are substantially boosted, as well as its sanitation result is much better. Steady hydrogen peroxide has broad-spectrum, high-efficiency and also lasting sanitation features.


Variables influencing the security of hydrogen peroxide:

  • Impurities

Pollutants are a vital variable impacting the security of hydrogen peroxide. Numerous steel ions, such as divalent iron ions, divalent manganese ions, divalent copper ions, trivalent chromium ions, and so on will certainly advertise the decay of hydrogen peroxide. That is, including a little quantity of stabilizers, such as salt stannate, salt pyrophosphate, or 8-hydroxyquinoline, can be made use of to hinder the disintegration of hydrogen peroxide with decrease as well as complexation.

  • PH value

Hydrogen peroxide is fairly steady at reduced temperature level as well as greater pureness. At reduced temperature levels, the decay of hydrogen peroxide is fairly steady, and also the disintegration response is: 2H2O2 → 2H2O+O2 ↑ +46.94 kcal.

  • Temperature

In order to boost the security of hydrogen peroxide, it is required to regulate aspects such as light, warmth, steel ion web content and also pH worth. The secure hydrogen peroxide has great security since of its high pureness as well as couple of pollutants such as steel ions.

  • Light

The pH of the equipment has an excellent impact on the security of hydrogen peroxide. Under acidic problems, the homes of hydrogen peroxide are really steady, and also the price of oxidation response is sluggish; in alkaline media, hydrogen peroxide is extremely unsteady as well as the decay price is extremely quick.

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