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The Brewing Process of Small Beer Equipment

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Preparatory Stage: Equipment Cleaning And Trial Operation

Before each brew, the operation of the equipment must be checked to ensure good production. Make sure the cooling water temperature is between -4°C and -6°C.

Cleaning process before equipment use:

  • Caustic soda water cleaning (85% 1.5% -3%) cold water cleaning – hot water cleaning, suitable for cleaning all equipment.

  • Soak the fermenter with formaldehyde solution (10% 80-85°C).

The Specific Operation Process And Precautions Of Beer Equipment

1.The Operation Process Of The Gelatinization Pot

  • Add about 200L of water, heat to 37°C, keep warm and start feeding. The temperature must be strictly controlled (±1);

  • After feeding, let stand for 20 minutes, start heating to 50°C, keep warm for 40-45 minutes, and record the time.

  • Continue heating to 58°C, keep warm for 50-60min, and record the time;

  • Heat to 68°C, keep warm for 40 minutes, and record the time;

  • The most heated to 78 ℃, ready to enter the filter.

2.Beer Operation Process

  • The saccharified barley malt must be checked whether the pipeline is in the correct position before entering the scrubber, and then it can be fed;

  • When feeding, the saccharification and stirring functions must be turned on. After the addition is completed, the valve is closed and settling is set for 15 minutes; after that, filtration is started, and at the same time the mash tank is washed, and water is added to prepare washed water. It takes about 90-120 minutes.

  • Control the pump during the filtration process, visually check that the wort meets certain requirements, and start internal circulation filtration;

  • Open the valve of the boiler in the past, pay attention to the filtration speed (visual inspection);

  • After the first wort is filtered, add washed water, continue to filter, and add to the boiling pot;

  • At the same time, continue to add 150 liters of water to the mash tun and heat it to boil until the wort cooling equipment and yeast tank are sterilized and sterilized.


3. Boiling Operation Process

  • Wait for the first wort and lees to enter the boiling pot and start heating to 105°C.

  • When the wort is boiling, the heater must be turned off to stop the boiling. After adding 80 grams of bitter hops, continue heating for 60 minutes. (The heat must be turned off or it will foam badly)

  • After the boiling time is over, you must first turn off the heating device to stop boiling, add 120g of fragrant flowers, and heat for 5 minutes to enter the next step. (The heat must be turned off or it will foam badly)

4. Operation Process Of Wort Cooling And Yeast Addition

  • Check the plumbing connections and sanitize the wort cooling equipment with boiling water in the mash tun. When it is necessary to sterilize the fermenter, enter from the side pipe, the connection stability of the pipe connection must be confirmed, and hot water should be prevented from spraying out. The pump should remain ajar.

  • After the disinfection is completed, first turn on the tap water, turn on the pump, turn on the cooling water, start to cool the wort, wait for the wort to cool, then turn off the pump and cooling water, and add yeast, turn on the cooling water and pump, and then wait for the wort to enter . At a fixed time, the oxygen flush is started and all the remaining wort is oxygenated into the fermenter. All interfaces should be disinfected with 95% alcohol. cleaning tools.

5. Fermentation Operation Process

  • Determine the concentration of the wort and adjust the temperature of the fermenter between 11°C and 12°C. Open the drain valve the next day to properly drain the sewage.

  • When the wort concentration reaches 4bx, seal the irrigation and continue fermentation, and adjust the temperature to 12°C-13°C.

  • Activate the yeast; Oxygen under 0.01 pressure, keep the temperature at 9-9.5, when the sugar content drops to 4bx, heat to 10-11 degrees Celsius, the pressure is 0.14; 4 degrees Celsius every week, store 1-2 degrees Celsius every day.

After fermentation is complete, the beer is matured by adding fermenting sugars and saturated with carbon dioxide, and the beer is poured or (transferred) into a storage container, such as a barrel or bottle, to wait for the beer to mature.


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