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Six distilled spirits in the world

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Wine has become an indispensable part of our life. Family gatherings, friends dinner parties, lovers candlelight dinners, people are used to drinking a little wine to adjust the atmosphere and relax themselves.So how do we distinguish the various wines we see in our daily life? Today, DEGONG mainly introduce the world's six major distilled spirits. There are six major distilled spirits in the world: Brandy, Whisky, Vodka, Gin, Rum and Chinese Spirit.


The alcohol content of brandy is between 40 and 43 degrees. It is a wine made from fruit by fermentation and distillation. Usually, what we call Brandy refers to the wine made from grapes by fermentation and distillation. The brandy we usually drink is distilled on the basis of wine making. Wines made with other fruits as raw materials and made by the same method often add fruit raw materials to brandy. There are many countries in the world that produce brandy, but brandy produced in France is the most famous because France is rich in good wine grapes. 

The volume fraction of brandy used in the world is about 40%. Its color is golden and bright, with elegant and delicate grape fruit aroma and strong aroma of aged wood.



Whisky alcohol content is more than 40 degrees, it is made of barley, rye, corn and other grains as raw materials, after fermentation, distillation and put into the old barrel for aging, blending from a kind of alcoholic beverage.  Almost all kinds of whisky need to be aged in oak barrels for a certain period of time before they can be bottled and sold. The word whisky comes from the old Scottish saying, meaning (Water of Life), the water of life. Although its origin can no longer be studied, it is more certain that it has a history of 500 years in Scotland and generally regards Scotland as the birthplace of all whisky.



Vodka is made from cereal or potato as raw material, distilled into alcohol as high as 95 °, and then diluted to 40 °- 60 °with distilled water, which makes people feel not sweet, bitter and astringent, thus forming the unique characteristics of vodka. Therefore, among all kinds of cocktail base wines, vodka is the most flexible, adaptable and flexible one. Because the wine contains few impurities, the taste is pure, and it can be mixed with other drinks at any concentration, so it is often used as the base wine for cocktails, and the alcohol content is generally between 40 °and 50 °.



Gin is also called gin because of its special gin flavor. The alcohol content of gin is generally between 35 °and 55 °. The higher the alcohol content, the better the quality. The method of making gin: the wine is made by adding spices such as gin on the basis of vodka brewing. Originally made to help prevent tropical malaria in humans, the wine was used as a diuretic and heat-clearing agent, but it was later found to be characterized by harmonious aroma, harmonious taste, mellow and elegant taste. It was soon drunk as a formal alcoholic beverage. The pleasant aroma of gin mainly comes from the diuretic juniper.



Rum is a kind of distilled liquor produced from sugarcane molasses. The sugar juice pressed from sugarcane is fermented and distilled. The main production characteristics of this wine are the selection of special yeast and the addition of bacteria that produce organic acids, which are fermented together, and then distilled and aged. According to different raw materials and different brewing methods, rum can be divided into: rum white wine, rum old wine, light rum, rum regular wine, strong rum wine. The wine is amber, brown and colorless.



In China, spirits is a symbol of culture. Spirits is a distilled liquor made by cooking, saccharification, fermentation and distillation with grain as the main raw material, yeast for making hard liquor and yeast as saccharification starter.  The wine is colorless and transparent, the smell is pure, the entrance is sweet and clean, the alcohol content is high, after storage, it has a compound flavor with esters as the main body.


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