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Several problems can arise when brewing beer.

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The craft beer industry belongs to an emerging industry. For friends who have just come into contact with craft beer equipment, it is understandable that the various operations of the equipment cannot be fully grasped for a while. Such a problem, today I will share with you several equipment problems and solutions that may be encountered when making craft beer.

1. Why is the wort filtering too slow and how to solve it?

If the wort flow rate is too slow, first check whether the grate is properly placed. The grate should be flat and there should be no gap with the lower gasket. Secondly, if the malt is crushed too finely, the filter will be full. The best state of malt crushing is to protect the husk. Broken but not broken.

2. What is the reason for the slow or no flow of wort in the audition during filtration, and how to solve it?

The first reason is that the malt is too finely crushed, causing the filter layer to be too sticky and the filtration is slow; the second reason is that the grate is not well placed, causing too much wheat husks and particles to flow into the pipeline to block the pipeline.

Solution: Backflush with a centrifugal pump. If there is no water in the mashing pot, add a small amount of cold water and turn on the pump for backflushing. However, it should be noted that the pumping time should be short, otherwise the entire filter layer in the filter tank will be damaged. . If there is still no flow after backwashing, you can re-stir the mash in the upper filter tank and re-pump it into the saccharification pot for re-filtration; if it is still slow after backwashing, but relatively clear, it can only be filtered slowly.


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3. What is the reason for the lack of pressure in the fermentation tank during the fermentation cycle and how to solve it?

First close the upper valve of the fermenter and observe whether the pressure rises. If the pressure rises, adjust the safety valve. If the pressure does not rise, connect the carbon dioxide bottle to pump carbon dioxide into it to keep the air pressure at 0.1Mpa, and then use soapy water to check the interface of Little Red Riding Hood. , Check whether the pressure gauge interface is leaking, if it leaks, re-install or replace it.

4. What is the reason why the temperature of the fermentation tank cannot be lowered and how to solve it?

First, check the circuit to see if the compressor is running normally, and then check whether the compressor lacks Freon. If there is no problem with the above, check whether the filter is blocked and whether the filter needs to be replaced.

5. After the beer fermentation is completed, how to solve the problem of too much foam when beer?

The reason for the foam in the beer is that the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the fermentation tank and the carbon dioxide dissolved in the wine are too saturated. You can release the pressure in the fermentation tank and put it to about 0.09Mpa.

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