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Methods to reduce the difficulty of wort filtration

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Sometimes, the filtering wort is so slow or even stop up, then it will takes longer time for wort filtering and it is not good for wort quality. The reasons for this situation may be the bad quality of the raw materials which caused terrible mashing and high-viscosity wort, or the misoperation during filtering etc.

The generally solution is stop filtering, start the grain rake or put in 75-78℃ hot water from the bottom of the tank. If it is not very useful, then you can try to put in hot water and at the same time start the grain rake for about 2-4 min. The speed of the grain rake could be a little faster according to the actual situation. Then standing for about 5-10 min and reform the grain bed. Besides, please pay attention to the insulation of the latuer tun, the temperature of the mash sparge water cannot be too lower.

For the technological processs, the ratio of material:water should be reasonable. In order to get a better mashing, some diastase may be a good choice. Sometimes the brewmaster also can try low temperature dipping feeding method, just mean feeding at about 35-37 and dipping about 30 min. It will be good for the decomposition of glucan and bring down the wort viscosity.


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