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How to maintain hoses in beer equipment?

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In the process of beer brewing, the appearance rate of beer hose is very high, whether when transferring water, wort or beer. The most important aspect of breweries is the organization and maintenance, ensuring minimum spoilage and good beer batches in place. Firstly, let us see how to do maintenance for the beer hose of your brewery equipment.

1. Use the most appropriate cleaning method

Most of beer breweries now use rubber hoses. Both recommended times and temperatures must be followed for effective cleaning of the device. Whether it's manual cleaning or a CIP (clean-in-place) system, experiment and find out what works best for you.

2. Avoid over cleaning

Do you think cleaning your equipment for a long time will save you time? Absolutely not! As they say, too much of a good thing is still worse, and overexposure to chemicals can be harmful. It can significantly reduce beer hose life. It probably won't affect the stainless steel tanks, but your rubber hose is still at a dangerous stage. These plastic components are resistant to chemical reactions, but not for such a long cleaning program.The maximum recommended exposure time for hoses and hose liners to chemicals of any kind is 15-20 minutes.

3. Store brewery hoses safely

Have you ever planned on simply filling brew hoses with chemicals and storing them in circular coils? That might as well push you into some serious trouble! If you do not wanna see cracks or creases on your beer hoses, stop that.

Instead, you could adopt methods to support the entire hose lengths while storing. Creating arc-shaped or sloping hose racks and draping the hoses around them while they drain out completely, is a great deal for brewery hose storage. When hoses are not in use, capping their ends is a generally good idea. Though this prevents entry of other materials into the hoses, this method might backfire if the hoses aren’t fully dry.

4. Record hose life and replace them

Wondering when plastic expires? We have simple but very beneficial plastic polymers as hose materials. Although they promise a significant lifespan, they are still susceptible to timely tearing and wear. The best way is to mark their expiration date as soon as you buy them and install them at the brewery.

Beer hoses and other accessories may have specific expiration dates. Either find them; or if not, identify a 3-5 year interval for them. Turn these tags into your purchase reminders! This can help you know when you need to go out and buy new equipment. Don't forget that plastic seems to last, but your beer may go bad early; keep an eye on your brewery accessories.

If you have any other questions during usage of your beer brewery equipment, welcome to talk with us!


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