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How to improve the overall quality of beer?

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In the beer brewing procedure, the soaking, germination, toasting, saccharification as well as fermentation procedures of the raw materials are vital to the top quality of beer.

Of all, in the wheat-making procedure, the degree of immersion of wheat (water web content of wheat grains) is one of the essential control factors in the wheat-making procedure. For barley, the most popular immersion level in China is 45% -46% (manufacturing of light malt), while for wheat or triticale, a slightly lower immersion degree than barley can be used. 42%, to extend the germination time effectively and also advertise excellent malt dissolution. In baking equipment, a lot of residential breweries still utilize single-layer high-efficiency drying heating systems to generate light-colored barley malt.

Secondly, in the saccharification process, the choice of saccharification approach has constantly been valued by wine makers. In recent times, in order to improve the attributes of beer, make complete use auxiliary products (non-germinated rice, puffed corn, and so on) to improve the yield of saccharified leachate and save power.

In the beer fermentation process, the standard beer fermentation takes on the adhering to beer yeast for low-temperature primary fermentation, and also waits for diacetyl to reach the criterion prior to saving for a longer time to make the alcohol clear normally. Beer created by standard fermentation has a long brewing period, although the preference is unified and also pure, and the taste is soft. Presently, the majority of breweries use open-air cylindrical cone base fermentation storage tanks for modern beer fermentation on the basis of retaining the standard fermentation process, which can substantially reduce the fermentation time as well as boost production effectiveness.

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