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How To Choose The Right Cooler For Your Brewery?

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The wort requires to be rapidly cooled down to the temperature level needed for yeast vaccination prior to getting in the fermenter.

This procedure can be finished by utilizing a Plate heat exchanger(PHE).

Numerous individuals are perplexed regarding whether to pick two-stage or one-stage PHE.

Two-stage PHE: Use city water to minimize the temperature level of wort to 30-40 ℃ in the initial stage, after that make use of glycol water to cool down wort to the called for fermentation temperature level in the 2nd phase.

When making use of two-stage PHE, the glycol container & refrigerator ought to be furnished with a bigger air conditioning ability, due to the fact that there will certainly be a height tons throughout the 2nd phase of air conditioning.

One-stage: One phase is to make use of cool water to cool down. The chilly water is cooled down to 3-4 ℃ by glycol water, and afterwards utilize chilly water to cool down the wort.

After the chilly water exchanges warmth with the warm wort, it ends up being 70-80 levels warm water as well as is reused right into the warm water container to conserve heat.

For huge brewery with several sets of mashing each day, one-stage is usually utilized to conserve warmth.

The wort air conditioning procedure is to make use of cool water, and also there is no optimal lots of glycol water, so it suffices to furnish smaller sized glycol container & refrigerator to cool down the fermentation container.

One-stage PHE has to be geared up with warm water container and also chilly water storage tank.

The warm water container as well as cool water storage tank must be two times as huge as the brewhouse.

Two-stage PHE does not require to be outfitted with a chilly water container, yet the glycol container requires to be outfitted with a bigger capability.

Therefore, we want to choose the right wort cooler for the brewery to save water.

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