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How can craft beer avoid oxidation?

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How can craft beer avoid oxidation?

Friends who like wine tasting know that the oxidation reaction of beer has an adverse effect on beer. After the beer is over-oxidized, the aroma becomes lighter, the color deepens, and it is bitter and cardboard-like when drinking. The process of craft beer brewing needs to take corresponding measures to implement control. DEGONG brewers teach us some methods to reduce beer oxidation based on their own experience.

1. Selecting high-quality malt, malt with high water content will not only affect the cost, but also more likely to form precursors for oxidation.

2. The crushed malt should be used as soon as possible, preferably no more than 6 hours. Our suggestion is to crush the malt half an hour before the mashed water is prepared.

3. The content of copper ions and iron ions in the brewing water should be controlled in a low range, because these two ions can promote the oxidation reaction. Generally, the brewing equipment is pickled and passivated in the pot, and a layer of oxidation is formed on the surface membrane, there is no need to worry about the problem of oxidation.

4. Minimize the stirring times of the mashing pot as much as possible to avoid stirring too fast. The mashing process creates a vortex that draws in air, by controlling the stirring frequency, so the stirring motor must be electric, and home brewing is manually controlled.


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5. Before the saccharified mash enters the filter tank, first spread the grate water of 78 degrees, and discharge the air under the sieve plate, one is to prevent the oxidation of the wort, and the other is to prevent the mash from being too impacted and the sieve plate is deformed.

6. The time for pouring the mash should be reasonable, and the time should be controlled at about 10-15 minutes. This requires the selection of a suitable size wort pump when purchasing equipment, and the filtration time is not recommended for too long.

7. The time from the boiling pot pump to the rotary sedimentation tank should be within 15 minutes as much as possible. The tangent of the sedimentation tank should be reasonably designed to avoid local turbulence and reduce air inhalation.

8. Select the plate heat exchanger of the appropriate size, the cooling time of the wort should be as fast as possible, and the cooling time of the wort should be controlled within 50min.

9. When canning, choose a reasonable canning machine, try to take two vacuums, and the vacuum degree of each wine valve reaches 80% to 90%, so as to minimize the increase of dissolved oxygen during the canning process.

Whether it is the design of the brewing equipment or the operating technology, it will directly affect the oxidation of the beer industry. The above-mentioned measures to control oxidation are hoped to be of great help to you.

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